Shop Arts and Craft Stores for
Jewelry Making Supplies

Arts and craft stores are excellent as bead suppliers for buying beads and beading supplies. Find out which ones to shop for your jewelry making supplies.

Here are a few national chains...

  • Dick Blick Art Materials
  • Hobby Lobby
  • JoAnn's Fabric and Craft Stores
  • Michael's Art Supplies

Each of these craft stores have both online stores and brick-and-mortar stores.

Check their online store locator for a location near you.

I frequent Michael's and JoAnn's often. Both have added more jewelry making supplies to their jewelry making sections.

Jewelry Making Supplies Found
at Arts and Craft Stores

All of these craft supply stores carry a wide range of jewelry making supplies.

  • Natural beads like shell, coral and leather
  • Man-made ceramic bead strands
  • Glass bead strands and pendant beads
  • Crystals, plastic rhinestones
  • Sterling silver and base metal jewelry findings
  • Beading wire and other stringing materials
  • Bead storage and organization supplies
  • Basic jewelry making tools and accessories
  • Beading books
  • Adhesives and glues

So, consider getting a few jewelry supplies  from these stores or other craft stores, in your neighborhood or online.

And, while there, take a look at craft supplies used in making other crafts. Scrapbook page embellishments, buttons, trim and paint can be incorporated into jewelry making. Let your imagination think outside the box!

Make your trip an adventure and discover lots of jewelry making possibilities. Have fun!

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