Bead Stoppers

by Wanda

Bead Stoppers

Bead Stoppers

Bead Stoppers
Bead Stopper Open
Beading Wire in Bead Stopper
Bead Stopper in Use

Beading Tip: Bead stoppers keep your beads from falling off the end of the beading wire. Use a bead stopper on the end of the wire when bead stringing, especially if you are stringing lots of beads.

As jewelry making supplies go, they are a very handy jewelry making tool!

What is a Bead Stopper?

It is a helpful jewelry making tool made like a tightly coiled spring. Made of stainless steel, it should
last forever!

On each end of the spring, one or two coils are folded down and outward from the rest of the coil. This allows you to open the coiled spring with your thumb and index finger (See Photo 2).

To close the stopper, just release the outward facing handles.

To use the stopper, simply open it, place the end of the beading wire (Photo 3) between a coil on the open spring and release the handles.

You can also use them on beading cord or other stringing material.

They come in two sizes: regular and mini.

Use a regular size stopper with heavy or large beads such as gemstone beads.

Use the mini size stopper with seed beads or other small size beads.

This jewelry making tool comes in handy when stringing a multi-strand necklace or bracelet.

Here's a an easy bead jewelry making project,
How to Make an Endless Necklace, where I strung 70 inches (177.8 cm) of pearls and crystal beads.

With bead stoppers, beading may prove less frustrating, especially if you need to restring a lots of beads!

I hope this bead stringing beading tip proves helpful to you when making beaded jewelry.

Have fun making bead jewelry!


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