Sell Jewelry Online

Jewelry artists can sell jewelry online, but how easy is it? Find out here.
Learn three ways for selling jewelry online from your home based jewelry business.

Selling Jewelry on the Internet

Talk about competition! Whew...It boggles the mind just how much jewelry is available for sale online.

And talk about being easy...Easy to setup shop that is! Getting sales...Maybe not so easy.

The internet has almost made selling jewelry door-to-door obsolete. Or at least it makes you wonder why you would not want to give selling jewelry online a try.

Selling Jewelry Online Takes Building Traffic

Though I do not sell jewelry online (I chose to show others how to make jewelry instead), I have built using the principles of internet marketing.

My web hosting company, SiteSell or SBI!, showed me how to do keyword research, build a website and market it across the web.

My experience has shown me that it takes time to get people (traffic) to visit your site.

And even more time for them to visit and buy your products. Not everyone who visits your site will buy your jewelry.

Sell Jewelry Online by Providing Information

Selling jewelry on the internet is not just about selling jewelry. The people who visit your site will want information too.

What information? Information about the jewelry, beads, metals or whatever you use to make your jewelry.

People who love and buy handmade or handcrafted jewelry really love learning about how it is made.

To Sell Jewelry Tell a Story

Remember, one of the reasons that people buy handmade or handcrafted jewelry is because they can personally connect with it through the story behind the jewelry.

The story is what they identify with, not the artist (you) specifically (at least not when they were first searching the internet for jewelry to buy).

If you have any doubts about this fact I invite you to tune into a home shopping network (HSN or QVC) and watch a show about jewelry.

You will see the host and/or the designer, or the jewelry maker, talking about the jewelry. They do not just give the size, metal and color of the jewelry.

More on How to Sell Jewelry Online

They talk about how the jewelry is made or what inspired the artist to make it. They talk about what makes the piece of jewelry unique.

You may hear buyer call in to ask questions about the jewelry or to share how they identified with the jewelry.

Remember, before television we could shop at home from a catalog. Television revolutionized the at home shopping experience.

The internet has revolutionized at home shopping even more so. It has made shopping so easy for consumers, and less expensive for advertisers.

How Selling Jewelry Online Is Really Done

So, how will you get jewelry lovers to connect with your jewelry? Well, for starters you can write about it. Yes, I did say write about your jewelry.

If you do not have Adobe ReaderĀ® (software that allows you to read PDF files), download Adobe ReaderĀ® here. You will need it to read the free downloadable pdf document below.

Here, download this file to learn all about selling jewelry online (or any product or service) by writing about it.

Three Avenues for Selling Jewelry Online

Then, explore these three ways to sell jewelry online.

  • One way to begin to sell jewelry is through online selling sites. Find out what they are and get a list of online jewelry selling sites to begin your research.
  • Another way to sell jewelry online is via social networking. In this ebook titled Social Networking: Sell Your Jewelry Online the New Way, Rena Klingenberg explains what all the hoopla is about. She teaches you step by step about selling jewelry online using social networks.
  • And of course you can create your own website. There is a lot to do, but you can do it...I did! Here are three web-hosting companies that can assist you:,, and You will 'live with' your website for a long time. I suggest checking out the pros and cons of each web hosting company before choosing one.

So, is it easy to sell jewelry online? Yes and no!

Yes, it is easy to set up shop to sell online. But, no, it may not be so easy to make a sale. It takes the right tools, time and hard work! (Just like with anything worthwhile!)

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