Selling Beaded Jewelry Successfully

To succeed at selling beaded jewelry discover how to find super niches. Then sell your handmade jewelry.

What is a Niche?

Wikipedia defines a niche as a subset of the market for a specific product.

If you consider jewelry as the specific product, beaded jewelry is the niche.

Still, there are a lot of types of bead jewelry.

What is a Super Niche?

To be more successful at selling beaded jewelry, find a super niche. Meaning, find a niche within the niche of beaded jewelry.

Some beaded jewelry super niches...

  • Beaded lanyards
  • Beaded wedding jewelry
  • Jewelry bead embroidery

What Makes a Successful Beaded Jewelry Niche

Successful niches are usually based upon satisfying someone's need (real or perceived) or desire.

Some people wear handcrafted jewelry to meet their need for...

  • Plus size jewelry
  • A clip on versus pierced earrings
  • Alleviation of allergies to various jewelry metals
  • A means to carry eyeglasses, ID badges or other items
  • Assistance with impairments like arthritis or other special needs

Some people wear handmade jewelry to satisfy their desire for...

  • Wearable art jewelry
  • Handcrafted jewelry to match the latest fashions
  • Love of a particular thing such as gemstones or flowers
  • Jewelry to support a cause such as the American Cancer Society
  • Custom jewelry to satisfy a sense of belonging to a particular group such as a sorority or fraternity

Ask yourself, "How can my beaded jewelry fulfill my customers' needs or desires better than my competition?"

Start by making jewelry using the jewelry making techniques you love to do, but make jewelry that others need or desire.

Find a super niche within beaded jewelry that meets both these requirements.

When Selling Beaded Jewelry...

Defining your super niche also allows you to...

  • Decrease your costs
  • Become more efficient at making jewelry designs
  • Increase profits

One way to increase profits is to lower your costs.

Buy Jewelry Making Supplies in Bulk

Making and selling bead jewelry within a super niche allows you to buy the same or similar jewelry making supplies that you'll use again and again.

This allows you to buy your jewelry supplies in bulk to get quantity discounts.

The less you spend on each jewelry making component, the lower your costs are to make a piece of jewelry.

The greater the difference between what it cost you to make an item and the selling price of the item, the greater the profit you will make.

Decrease Labor Costs

A second way to increase profits is to decrease your labor costs per jewelry design by becoming more efficient at making jewelry.

The more times that you make a jewelry design, the more efficient you become at making it. The less time you spend making one piece of jewelry, the more jewelry designs you can produce to sell.

If you decrease both your cost of jewelry making supplies and your labor, you can make greater profits.

Making jewelry within your defined super niche allows you to do both.

Selling Handmade Jewelry

To help you find a potential bead jewelry super niche, especially if selling beaded jewelry online, use Google's Free Keyword Search Tool.

This keyword search tool can help you to generate ideas for finding a beaded jewelry super niche that will satisfy your desire to make beautiful beaded jewelry designs while meeting the desires or needs of others.

There's a lot of competition within the handmade beaded jewelry niche.

To succeed at selling beaded jewelry find a super niche and fulfill it better, differently or more uniquely than your competition.

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