Selling Handmade Jewelry

Selling handmade jewelry...What does it really take to sell my jewelry you ask? It's not just about selling jewelry. Here, learn how to sell jewelry the best way.

Before Selling Jewelry
Understand What Jewelry Is and Isn't

Jewelry is not a necessity of life (though some of us would beg to differ). So, why do we buy it? It's one of life's little pleasures. It makes us or the person we bought it for happy.

Wearing jewelry is about personal expression. The jewelry we choose to buy and/or wear can make a statement to the world about who we think we are and what we value.

Jewelry can also be a quiet statement or a reminder to ourselves of the things we value.

What it Means To Sell Jewelry states one definition of the verb 'sell' as "to transfer (goods) to or render (services) for another in exchange for money; dispose of to a purchaser for a price".

In the literal sense, this is what it means to sell jewelry. You, the jewelry maker, transfer your jewelry creations to the jewelry lover in exchange for money. Hopefully, you sold it at a price which made you a profit.

But, if you want to sell your handmade jewelry for the long term as a home jewelry business, you must do more than just sell jewelry to keep your customers coming back year after year.

Selling Handmade Jewelry

My number one jewelry selling tip...

  • Make jewelry that others desire or need!

This is single biggest lesson that I learned the hard way by trial and error.

When we first begin to learn how to sell handmade jewelry, most of us want to make and sell jewelry that we like.

But, to sell jewelry profitably from a home based jewelry business, we need to sell jewelry that others want or need. It's the best advice that I can offer.

So, don't just think "how do I sell my jewelry", think...

  • How do I sell handmade jewelry that others desire
  • How do I sell handmade jewelry that meets the needs of others

Start with jewelry making techniques that you love doing to make jewelry that will satisfy your customers' desires and needs.

Why People Buy Handcrafted Jewelry

Regardless of how it's made, jewelry can make a statement or make us happy. So, why do people buy handmade jewelry?

One reason is because handcrafted jewelry has a story to tell.

The jewelry artist who designs and/or makes the jewelry has a story to tell about...

  • What inspired them to make the jewelry piece
  • The jewelry making technique used to make the jewelry
  • Where the beads come from and how they are made
  • Their personal story of why they started making jewelry
  • Why they designed the jewelry to fit a certain way

People buy handmade jewelry because they connect with it and the artist. Handmade jewelry lovers like the story behind the jewelry they buy.

Be mindful of this when selling handmade jewelry.

Share Your Jewelry Story With Your Customers

Personally, I make up small tags (called romance cards in the jewelry industry) with interesting facts or lore to include with my handmade jewelry.

To make a romance card...

  • Use card stock or other paper that coordinates with the jewelry
  • Cut the paper size about 2" by 3" (5.1 by 7.6 cm) or smaller
  • Write about the gemstones, beads or other materials
  • Attach the card to the jewelry, or include it in the packaging

Remind people of the things they value or find interesting.

To Sell Handmade Jewelry Tell a Story

Here's a handcrafted jewelry story example to illustrate my point that when you're selling handmade jewelry it's not mostly about you, it's about the story you have to tell.

This example is taken from a home shopping channel. I watch a lot of jewelry shows, especially the shows about handmade artisan jewelry.

There is a gentleman who sells handcrafted silver and opaque gemstone jewelry in southwestern and contemporary styles.

Here's the kicker: he doesn't personally make the jewelry he sells. It is handmade by artists that the buyers have never seen or will ever know the names of.

Selling Handcrafted Jewelry With Stories

So, why do jewelry lovers they buy this line of jewelry? What do they connect with? The man's story!

He travels the globe finding and buying rough, mostly direct from miners. Most of the gemstones are stones that the jewelry buyers have never heard of.

But guess what? They buy it. Why? Because of the stories he tells about the...

  • Adventures he has in acquiring rough stones
  • Interesting facts about the gemstones
  • Lore surrounding the gemstones and other stones used in his jewelry
  • Miners and how they go about mining for gemstones
  • Lapidary process required to craft gemstones into beads

A perfect combination for selling handmade jewelry! His jewelry designs often sell out.

Before Your Start To Sell Jewelry
Learn Why Your Customers
Buy Handmade Jewelry

People buy handmade jewelry for many reasons. The story behind the jewelry is just one reason.

Dr. David Weiman, a psychologist and the Marketing Director for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist (the world's oldest gem, bead and jewelry arts magazine), helps handmade jewelry artists to better understand the buyers of handcrafted jewelry.

He publishes a number of books and the monthly newsletter, Jewelry Selling Insights. This newsletter has saved me countless hours of research.

Understanding more about why people buy jewelry is key to effectively market and sell handcrafted jewelry.

You will be able to sell your jewelry to more of the people who will actually buy it, and not just browse your creations, at a price that will make you a profit.

Selling handmade jewelry takes time, energy and hard work. Take advantage of available help. With a little know how, you can sell your handmade jewelry for profit.

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