Start a Jewelry Business
A Home Based Jewelry Business

Get the right information on how to start a jewelry business to sell your handmade jewelry by making jewelry at home and selling it. You can turn your dream into a reality!

Before You Start a Home
Jewelry Business Plan to Succeed

So, you've been making jewelry at home for a while and now you want to sell it.

My first question to you is, why?

Is it to...

  • Supplement your income from a full or part-time job
  • Make extra spending money
  • Share the joy of making jewelry with others
  • Receive accolades for your art
  • Recoup the expenses of your jewelry making hobby
  • Replace your full-time income with a full-time business

When times get rough, remembering your reasons for starting a home jewelry business will sustain you when sales are down, customers make returns or your computer won't work.

In short, if you know why you want to make and sell jewelry, you will be better able to set some goals and objectives for your jewelry business.

Starting a Jewelry Business Are You Ready?

Are you really ready to start a business? If you think so, also ask yourself these questions...

  • Is a home jewelry business is right for me?
  • Am I ready for my relationship with jewelry making to change?
  • How much time will I have to devote to my business?

You love jewelry and you love making it...But, will you still love it when you have to produce four, ten, twenty of the same piece of jewelry and deliver it under a deadline?

No, I'm not trying to discourage you, only to give your a reality check before you start a jewelry business.

The USA Small Business Administration (SBA) provides an online assessment tool to help you to determine your readiness for starting a small business. It takes five minutes.

Once you take the SBA's online assessment for your business readiness, you will be given a statement of Suggested Next Steps, which directs you to the most appropriate SBA resources.

Starting a Jewelry Business for Profit
An Action Guide

Once you've made the decision to start a jewelry business, there is much more to be decided before actually starting a jewelry business. After a little soul searching and diligent research, you'll need to determine...

  • Who will be your customers and how will you reach them
  • What products will be in your jewelry line
  • Who are your competitors
  • What is the supply and demand for your product
  • What is your competitive advantage
  • Pricing strategies to meet your income goals

Sound like a lot? It is! I've been right where you are, so I know how you feel. Overwhelmed is perhaps putting it mildly. But, help is available to start a jewelry business.

Fellow jewelry maker Lorri Ely has written an e-book, How to Run a Home Based Jewelry Party Business for Fun and Profit (aka The Party Plan Guide). It is literally a step by step action guide for turning your dream into a business.

It walks you through the ins and outs of...

  • Starting a Jewelry Business
  • Managing Business Operations and Legal Issues
  • Tracking Sales
  • Developing Marketing Materials
  • Having a Successful Jewelry Party

I used it to setup some aspects of my home jewelry business like accepting electronic payments and to plan my first successful home jewelry party.

A lot of the preparation and legwork for planning a home jewelry party is the same for selling jewelry at craft fairs and festivals, through corporate sales at work or fundraiser events.

So, even if you don't plan to do home jewelry parties, The Party Plan Guide is an excellent guide for setting up and running a home based jewelry business.

Plan to Succeed in Your Home Jewelry Business

To start a jewelry business takes many steps, regardless of how you decide to reach your customer.

Planning each step is crucial to your business success and making a profit selling your handmade jewelry.

If all of this sounds like a lot, it is. However, it is very doable. Many have gone before you.

You can make your dream of owning your own home based jewelry business a reality with a little help like, How to Run a Home Based Jewelry Party Business for Fun and Profit by Lorri Eli. It's an action guide to starting a jewelry business.

With hard work and determination, you'll not only be rewarded with profits, but also a sense of pride and self-satisfaction that comes with business ownership.

And in any economy, having a second income stream can put you on the road to financial freedom. It's why I decided to start a jewelry business. That's my goal! What's yours?


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