Tips on How to Sell Your Handmade Jewelry to Stores

by Dewey
(Green Cove Spings, FL )

Need tips on how to sell your handmade jewelry to stores? Here you'll get several tips on selling jewelry to boutiques or small shop owners. Plus resources on how to sell jewelry wholesale and more!

Dewey asked, How do I go about taking my handmade jewelry to stores and shops to get them to sell my jewelry?

And, can you give me some tips on presentation or ways to present the idea to a store owner?

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Tips for Approaching a Shop Owner to Sell Your Jewelry

1) Decide whether you are willing to sell wholesale, on consignment or do a trunk show. Each has its pros and cons. The two resources listed below will give you more information on these selling options.

2) Do research on a several potential shops in your area. First, gather information and then pay them a visit. Check out their website to glean all the information about the store that you can.

See if their product line sells in a price range that will support the price range of your jewelry. If they sell bargain, discount or low price range items your $200 gemstone and pearl necklace may not be a good fit.

3) Select several of your best jewelry pieces, put a price tag on them and place them in a nice sample case for easy display. When visiting the store, you’ll be prepared to show a few samples.

4) Then, wearing at least one piece of your jewelry and carrying your sample case visit the shop to get a feel of it. Though the point of the first visit is to check the place out, not speak to the owner per se. However, if by chance you get to strike up a conversation with the owner, you’ll be ready.

While there, ask yourself these types of questions:

If the store sells clothes, do their clothing lines match the style of jewelry you make? (If they sell hip-hop clothing lines, your vintage style jewelry will be out of place. Not a good fit.)

Do they appear to have space to sell jewelry? If the store is a jewelry boutique, what types of jewelry do they already sell? What will be complimentary, different or unique about yours?

5) If you didn’t get to speak with the owner on the first visit, call or visit the owner during off-peak hours and ask for an appointment time.

Simply state your intention: You would like to discuss the possibility of the store offering a line of unique handcrafted jewelry. Be prepared to answer the question, “What’s unique about your jewelry?”

You may want to try it both ways, call for an appointment or ask for an appointment in person, to see which works best for you. It may be easier for the owner to blow you off over the phone, but less easy to do so in person.

Here are two great resource books on how to sell your handmade jewelry. I own both books and found them immensely helpful when I started selling my jewelry.

1) You Made It…Now Sell It!!!, Susie Bradford Edwards, 2007, Pudgy Publishing.

You’ll want to take a look at Chapter 10 – Wholesaling: Sell Direct to Specialty Boutiques/Galleries Yourself or Have a Friend Do It For You!

You’ll learn about…

Setting Up an Appointment
Questions You Could Be Asked
What Kind of Shop Owner to Expect
How to Dress for an Appointment
What to do During an Appointment
What to do After an Appointment
How to Set Up a Trunk Show
What to do After You Land an Account or Get a Trunk Show

You learn even more from the other thirteen chapters. All well worth the cost of the book!

2) Marketing and Selling Your Handmade Jewelry, Viki Lareau, 2006, Interweave Press

Check out Chapter 5: Selling Wholesale. You’ll get some of the same information as above, but from a slightly different angle, plus a section on selling on consignment.

These resources and tips on how to sell your handmade jewelry to stores give you information, but there's nothing like doing it.

Once you've tested these tips, come back and leave a comment to let us all know how they worked out.

I wish you much success selling your handmade jewelry!


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