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Beaded Jewelry Trends, Issue #002 -- New Years Eve Pendant
December 06, 2010

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Happy Holidays!

I wish you all a very happy and joyous holiday season!

There are lot's of changes at

This is why you haven't heard from me in awhile. I've been busy adding new content!

For this issue I simply want to let you know about those changes and what's to come in 2011.

  • Gets Interactive

  • Annual Jewelry Making Contest to Launch

  • New Year's Eve Necklace Design

Enjoy the Holiday Season and then let your creative juices flow!


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Of course, if you received this issue from a friend, please subscribe so you won't miss a thing! Gets Interactive

Now, you can join in the jewelry making community!

Share your jewelry designs, ask questions on making jewelry, share your experience selling jewelry and tell others about your favorite online bead store.

Here's where to go to share your passion for jewelry making! (And, maybe get a little link love.)

If you sell your jewelry, sharing your experience or tips at these links is an excellent way to publicize your business online. You get to leave your contact information.

To get a design published, you must tell us how you made your jewelry design. Give us your recipe so to speak. Why? Two reasons.

One, it enhances the value of your handcrafted jewelry in the eyes of a potential customer. People who buy handmade jewelry love finding out how it was made. Its one way they make a connection to the jewelry. The keywords for these pages are designed to attract not only people who make jewelry, but those looking to buy handmade jewelry designs too.

And the second reason? Jewelry making instructions are more valuable content to visitors of than just pictures. So we both benefit.

You don't have to explain the jewelry making technique you used, unless your submission is about the technique and not the design. Just tell us how you put the design together. You know, just like they do in the beading magazines BeadStyle, Stringing and Bead Trends.

To get a live link to your site, your website must be up to speed. Otherwise, your website contact information remains as text only. (Which is still great!)

So don't be shy...Let the rest of us see and find out how you made your designs. And, if you're leary about putting together a submission, don't worry just submit it. I edit all submissions.

If a valuable one-way link to publicize your jewelry business is not enough to convince you to submit a handmade jewelry design, then maybe a jewelry making contest will do it!

Annual Jewelry Making Contest to Launch

In January 2011, will launch its first annual jewelry making contest!

First prize: $300. That's a lot of beads! The theme will be beginner jewelry making necklace projects.

Here's a preview of the few rules (Well, there just has to rules :-0).

  • The necklace design must be your original design.
  • Use any jewelry making techniques or materials to make your handcrafted necklace design.
  • Give us your recipe (instructions/directions) for making the necklace.
  • Of course, the necklace must contain beads.
  • The necklace design must be suitable for beginners.

Find out about the contest dates and the official rules when they are posted...Subscribe to the Making Beaded Jewelry Blog or subscribe to this e-zine, Beaded Jewelry Trends.

New Year's Eve Pendant Design

Here's a bead pendant design that you can whip up in time to wear on New Year's Eve.

I simply used jewelry chain, crystals and wire loops to make this adjustable length enhancer bail pendant.

Enjoy making your own New Year's Eve Pendant!

I know you're busy for the holidays, but if you get a chance to make the pendant, leave me a comment (at the above link) to let me know how yours turned out.

And, if you find any errors in the instructions, let me know so that I can correct them. Thanks!

If you find helpful, please share it with others.

Near the bottom of every page is a box that says "Share This Page", which makes it easy for you to link to that page or share it around the Web.

Every link helps...Thank you!

Thanks for reading this issue of
Beaded Jewelry Trends

Have fun making beaded jewelry!

As always, just contact me with any questions.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy...Be Safe!


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