Bajoran Style Earrings

by Jennifer Hale
(Burlington, Washington)

Bajoran Style Earrings for Multiple Piercings

Bajoran Style Earrings for Multiple Piercings

These (Bajoran style) earrings (for multiple piercings) came about when a friend asked me if I could make her a set for a costume.


2 lengths of 6 inches small link chain, more or less depending on how low you want the piece to hang

6 or more posts- the number depends on how many holes you are attatching, you can also attach a cuff if there is no upper piercing

8 eye pins

10 small bugle beads

6 small square beads

2 bicones

Prepare eye pins by placing one bugle, one square, and one bugle then complete the loop on the end, make two in this pattern.

On two more of the eye pins, place, one bugle, one bicone, then one bugle.

The other four eye pins are made as follows, one bugle, one square, and then two bugles, close loops at end.

Attach one of the eye pins from step one to a post or a cuff.

Attach the eye pin from step four to the end of one of the lengths of chain.

Then attach the other end of the chain to the eye pin with the bicone.

Place two eye pins from step three on the end of the eye pin with the bicone.

If these steps get confusing, please refer to the picture.

Attach the two eye pins from step seven to posts.

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How to Make Post Style Bajoran Earrings
by: Wanda

Great beaded earring design! These post style Bajoran earrings are an excellent design alternative to the usual cuff design.

If you have piercings along your upper ear, this earring design is a great way to accentuate them.

For those who may not be Star Trek: The Next Generation fans, a similar design concept with an ear cuff finding was worn by the Bajorans who are humanoid extraterrestrials native to the planet Bajor (

These Bajoran style earrings make an easy beginner wire jewelry project.

Jewelry making beginners can use these instructions to learn how to make wire loops, which Jennifer refers to in Step 1.

Simple wire loops...We can use the simplest jewelry making techniques to make the most gorgeous jewelry!

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