Bead Crochet Jewelry

by Sydneyanne
(British Columbia, Canada)

Bead Crochet Spring Bloom Bracelet

Bead Crochet Spring Bloom Bracelet

Bead crochet jewelry is easy to make once you get the hang of it. Try making these bead crochet bracelets, and necklace, in your own choice of beads for a very dainty jewelry style.

Bead Crochet Spring Bloom Bracelet

This bracelet (Photo 1) is crocheted and then hand sewn together with up to 200 semi precious stones, pearls, and crystals. I used a chocolate colored cord and it is made with an eye pleasing blend of green and pink beads.

Bead Crochet Eternity Bracelet

This bead crochet wrap bracelet (Photo 2) is crocheted with beautiful Swarovski® crystals, Czech crystals, tiny seed beads and 14K gold beads which give it a rich color.

Made to look like three different bracelets when it is wrapped around your wrist three times, it is 23 inches (58.4 cm) long. It can also be worn as a cute summery earthy necklace.

Bead Crochet Tennis Bracelet

This beaded crochet tennis bracelet (Photo 3) is crocheted and then hand sewn together to carefully to make my version of a crocheted "tennis bracelet".

Again I used Swarovski® crystals for beautiful sparkle and added Celestial® brand and Czech crystals too. When they are all sewn together this bead crochet bracelet really sparkles and is very pretty.

Bead Crochet Necklace

This bead crochet necklace (Photo 4) is crocheted using crystals, semi precious stones and pearls. I crocheted the beads into little clusters using a fine gauge sable colored cord in hot pink and orange.

How I Began to Bead Crochet

I had always loved making beaded jewellery, but wanted to try something different, so I started trying to crochet with beads.

At first, not knowing what to use, I tried crochet cotton and larger beads. One day my husband bought me a beautiful bracelet and it was crocheted. I loved it so much that I decided I
wanted to make crochet jewelry.

It was very different from anything I make
now. Over time I refined my technique to a design I loved to make. I like very fine jewelry with
lots of color and texture.

I experimented with many stringing materials, such as crochet cotton, silk and threads. I eventually settled for the most part on a cord
used in the upholstery industry called C-Lon® (C-Lon Bead Cord). I like the standard .05mm size for making most of my jewelry.

For jewelry projects that I want to look very fine and dainty, or to create tiny clusters in
my designs, I use the micro size cord/thread. When I want a cord that will go through beads and pearls that have tiny holes it works very well.

When I make a bead crochet necklace I like to use all semi precious stones or crystals. I do not like to use plastic or anything
that will not look like quality in the design.

Bead Crochet Instructions

This is a fairly simple way to describe what I do when I bead crochet jewelry.

Step 1
To make a bead crochet bracelet, first I dab a bit of crazy glue on the end of the cord and wait
for it to dry.

Step 2
Then, I cut the cord on a sharp angle to create a sharp end, almost like a needle.

Use this end to thread your beads on to the cord. It is really a matter of choice as to how many beads or colors you choose, but if you were to make a colorful bracelet with the regular .05mm size bead cord, use 3 - 6mm size beads and

Step 3
Thread on approx 20 and then make a loop at the bottom of the cord.

Step 4
Start to crochet: Make a slip knot, chain one and then crochet one bead onto the cord and make one chain.

Step 5
Repeat this process until the bracelet is the desired length.

Step 6
I make a loop and crystal clasp on most of my designs for the closure.

Other Types of Beaded Crochet Jewelry

To make other types of crocheted jewelry (finer, more clustered pieces) I string the beads, crystals and pearls onto the cord in the same way.

I gather up a few beads all at once and pull them tightly (not too tight) and crochet into the chain at the beginning of these few beads to make a cluster.

Then I put the crochet hook through the center of the cluster, adding one or two more beads, then pull it through the cluster making another chain.

Continue on making a few chains with or without beads, and then another cluster. Keep crocheting in this way until you crochet your desired length.

To make a bracelet like the Bead Crochet Spring Bloom Bracelet I make the crochet chain approximately 15-16 inches (38.1 - 40.6 cm) long.

Then I fold this piece in half, twisting it to
hand sew it together making a bracelet that looks spiraled with many stones pearls and crystals.

I hand sew a loop with beads and also sew a crystal on the other end to make my clasp. The ends are dabbed with a glue like E6000® to
secure the ends.

I hope this helps to explain how to do some of these designs. It is a little difficult to explain every step, but if you are interested I would be happy to help if you. Just leave me a comment below.

I hope you enjoy making bead crochet jewelry as much as I do!

Sydneyanne's Designs

Visit these step by step bead crochet instructions with pictures on

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Lovely Bead Crochet Bracelets and Necklace!
by: Wanda


What wonderful bead crochet jewelry...Love them all!

They look so dainty and delicate, but from what I know of C-Lon® Nylon Bead Cord they will be very durable.

I especially like your bead color combinations. Some are peaceful and serene like in the Bead Crochet Spring Bloom Bracelet and Bead Crochet Necklace designs. Yet others are very jubilant as in the Bead Crochet Eternity Bracelet and Bead Crochet Tennis Bracelet designs.

Thanks for adding the crochet bead instructions. They give us an idea of how to bead crochet our own jewelry designs.

And may I say that I envy your photography...So light-filled, in focus and of the jewelry. Great shots!

Your crochet bead jewelry designs are a great addition to the site. Thanks for sharing!

Visit these step by step bead crochet instructions with pictures on


Crocheted Bead Jewelry - Love It!!!
by: Anonymous

I love this jewelry it is so dainty and colorful, just beautiful!!!!

Cord Size to Bead Crochet Pearls
by: Jamee

Hi Sydneyanne:),

I love your beautiful crocheted jewelry!

I have made some myself, but find that I cannot use my favorite kind of bead - freshwater pearls - as they do not fit over the cord.

I started out using S-Lon, which I hear is just a knock off of C-lon, because that is all the supplier that I use carries.

S-Lon only comes in two sizes. The larger size is too big for pearls and the smaller size seems way too small for bead crochet.

I would love to find an in between size. What size of C-lon do you use when you add freshwater pearls to your designs?

Thank you so much for the information you provided. I hope that you get this message:)


Use Micro C-Lon to Bead Crochet Pearls
by: Sydneyanne

Hello Jamee,

Thanks so much for your comments! Yes, I use C-Lon Micro. It works great for pearls.

Also, some silks are good too...and when all else fails, I use Swarovski pearls if I want to use the medium C-Lon and get the pearls through. Swarovski pearls look so pretty!

I do get the Micro C-Lon cord through even the smallest pearls, however I use the crazy glue technique to make my thread end sharp.

Thanks again for your comments...Good luck! Please come back I appreciate your looking at my bead crochet jewelry designs.


Thank you :)
by: Anonymous

Thank you for responding :)

I wonder if the C-Lon Micro is the same as the S-Lon smaller size. I will test out what I have and find some C-Lon to try as well.

I used to use the crazy glue technique as well when making knotted cord necklaces with a brand of cord called 'Stringth', but then switched to using all silk cord with the ready made needle in place.

I use size 3 of that and it fits all pearls and I like the thickness, though I did not want to bead crochet with it because it comes on those cards and I was afraid that there would not be enough length on one.

I used to crochet years ago with the Stringth but it seemed to stretch too much, so I stopped using it.

I just love this bead crochet technique because it adds another layer of texture to regular plain knotted necklaces. Over the years I have mostly done simple silk and pearl knotted necklaces were I leave part of the silk cord showing.

You are very talented and so sweet to be so helpful! Keep up the good work and I wish you much creative success!


Bead Crochet Jewelry
by: Wanda

Hi Jamee,

The C-Lon Micro is .12mm thick and I found it at I ordered some to try as well as I have the .5mm size already.

Much success in your efforts to bead crochet jewelry!

Fellow beaders - visit these step by step bead crochet instructions with pictures on


Sizes of C-Lon Compared to S-Lon
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the sizes of the C-Lon Wanda :) I cannot for the life of me find the mm size in print for S-Lon anywhere...everything just says size D or #18 and size AA.

I have read though that C-Lon is better/stronger and that S-Lon frays easier. I will get some C-Lon and check the difference myself. Perhaps the micro is better than this small size S-Lon because it just seems so silky and small like regular thread.


Micro C-Lon Bead Cord
by: Anonymous

Now that I look at pictures of Micro C-Lon it looks like it is two twisted cords...and Land Of Odds bead shop compares it to Griffin silk size #2 which is twisted as well and definitely thicker than this S-Lon AA size.

Does your C-Lon Micro size look like two twisted cords? The S-Lon small looks like a wimpy single strand and that is why I'm so unhappy with it. The larger size of S-Lon was perfect though also appearing like two twisted strands.


Bead Cord Types
by: Sydneyanne


I my self have never tried S-Lon but did just look into it. It seems it is a knock off and people seem to think the quality isn't as good as C-Lon Nylon bead cord.

I buy all my bead cord from Marion Jewels in Fibre, her service is great and fast. She always has lots of stock and she also explains all the specs and gives so much useful information about the product before you buy it.

Of course another possibility is to ream your pearls out a bit so the hole is larger and then the regular C-Lon bead cord works well.

Best to you and thanks again for the interesting conversation..


PS. Would love to see what you have come up with thanks Jamee!

Bead Cord Types
by: jamee

Thanks Sydneyanne...I'll be sure to check that supplier out.

I have also just been told that Caravan Beads carries it as well. I will be interested in comparing the two. I did just find out though that the S-Lon sizes AA and D are for their thread sizes, not cord, and there cord size that worked for the bead crochet I did is called #18. This is why the size D seems too is meant to be more like a thread.

I'm really hoping that I don't have to ream pearls. I've managed to not have to deal with that all these years I've used them.

I don't have any of the pieces that I made a long time ago and no pictures of them. It's been probably 10+ years, before I was selling online. I only made two, one on blue cord and one on this goldish cord.

But recently I just made a few of them and put them on my website and they all sold to one person. They are still up there for this month so you can see pictures. Here is a link to one of them:

There are two more in the necklace section that sold as well. Then I made my mom one with an amethyst pendant and a couple of black and gray ones sitting here waiting to be photographed and priced.

That's it so far and I'm itching to get back to it, but too much life stuff going on.

Bead Crochet Jewelry by Jamee
by: Wanda


I took a peek at your Blue Coral and Triple Gemstone Charm Crochet Necklace at the link you mentioned...It's beautiful and well crafted!

By the looks of it I'm sure that your customers would love it if you could find the time to make more. The color of the coral beads is gorgeous and is very harmonious with your choice of bead cord color.

Check it everyone before the posting expires.


Thank you :)
by: Jamee

Thank you so much Wanda! I can't wait to make more, hopefully with pearls! Gotta order me some micro C-Lon!

Beautiful Crochet Bead Jewelry
by: Sydneyanne

Hi Jamee,

I looked at your crocheted jewelry too. It's absolutely beautiful, I love it! Good for you, they are great. I love jewelry that is different...Your bead crochet jewelry is earthy and natural looking. Keep going!


Crochet Bead Jewelry
by: Jamee

Thank you so much Sydneyanne for the encouragement!

Found a Different C-Lon Bead Cord Size!
by: Jamee

Hi again! I just wanted to let you guys know that I may have found a more in between size that fits freshwater pearls.

I had gone ahead and purchased some C-Lon Micro cord and while it is thicker then the S-Lon in the smaller size (which is actually a thread and way too small) it still seems a bit on the wimpy side to me.

However, Marion at Marion Jewels and Fiber sent me a size sample card and on the card it shows a new's in between the standard size and the micro. It's called FINE and it's numbered tex135. Here is a link:

There are not many colors available, but I tried some pearls on my sample piece and they fit! And, it looks more substantial. I'm super excited to get some in and FINALLY make something with pearls in it!

You guys may already be aware of this size. It came out Feb 2010. But in case you haven't or other readers are having the same problem I did, I thought I'd share the info!

Bead Cord for Bead Crochet
by: Wanda


Indeed, thanks for the information! I just popped over to Jewels in Fiber and ordered the C-LON® Fine Weight Bead Cord, plus some Chinese knotting cord and the C-Lon heavy weight bead cords.

I'm currently working on the bead crochet section for the site and I'm trying out different fibers. I'll give them a try and see what I can create!

Marion Jewels in Fiber seems to be an excellent source for fibers in general if you are looking to do micro macrame, Chinese knotting, kumihimo, tatting as well as bead crochet.

Thanks for sharing the site and I hope your bead crochet is a success!

Be sure to share pictures of what you make here,
Share Your Jewelry Design Ideas Here


Fine C-Lon Bead Cord
by: Sydneyanne

Hello again everyone: Regarding fine size C-Lon...

When I found out that there was an in-between size, I was so happy and wanted it in every color. Which I did get!

However, while the fine size is great and fits into some pearls and other beads that the thicker size cannot, I like the way the original (standard size) and micro size hangs when finished.

I have just found you should watch what you do make with it as it kind of curls on me after I have crocheted a necklace. However, necklaces that I have made with clusters of beads in the design work out well with the fine weight.

I don't know if I mentioned it but to get my necklaces looking very smooth after I make one I lay a cloth on top of it and lightly iron them.

I pull the necklace a bit to straighten it out as I am ironing. It makes them hang so nicely. If you have larger stones this won't work because you could damage them.

Thanks for all the info. I love hearing what others are doing!

Take care,

P.S. Can't wait to see some of your designs!

Crocheted Jewelry
by: Anonymous

Love the crocheted jewelry!

Fine sized C-Lon and Tips
by: Jamee

Well, I ordered some finally so I can see for myself. I can't believe how many cords I've ordered trying to get this size (lol)! Do any of you gals want my small sizes? You can have them...both of you have been so helpful :) I have a brand new brown and a gray micro sized C-lon. And, I have a Superlon size D thread in copper and one in gray. I'm not going to use them and hate to have them just sit here.

Thanks for the tip on ironing! My necklaces seem to stay straight enough if I constantly pull on it a bit as I make it. They always seem to look fine when on, but sometimes in photographing them they are not straight as I'd like them to be. I'll definitely try the iron.

I'm still always toying with different ways to end the pieces on the side where the big bead is that goes through the loop. I've got it down for the loop side...I kinda crochet back into the space between the loop and the first bead and then end with a knot and a bead on the knot.

But, the other end with the knots below the big bead and the part where I start crocheting, I don't like how those two sections will pull away from each other and show just a single piece of the cording (not sure if that makes sense).

So I started my first crochet stitches after the knots with two strands (still using the extra piece that is the end piece of cord) and then drop it off after two and continue with a single piece. Still, it pulls away but at least its stronger and has two cords there.

I have been playing with working my end cord back up to that spot and wrapping around and tying off. Always learning!

I'll check out that link to post a picture! Hope you girls had an awesome Monday!

Bead Crocheting Jewelry
by: Sydneyanne

Hi Jamee,

Sorry it took me a while to comment on your post.

I was reading about how you said a cord looks strange at the end of your jewelry piece. I am not completely sure what you mean, but I know you are trying to explain it as best you can, which can be hard sometimes. I have not had that happen, so let me know if this helps.

I just string my beads on the bead cord. Then, after I think I have enough (which can be a little difficult especially on a new design), I start to crochet, leaving a small tail say of 4 chains.

This will be the end for the clasp. Next, finish crocheting your project to the length that you want and at the other end crochet about 10 - 12 extra chains after the last bead.

After first making sure the loop size will match the bead (clasp) that you are going to use on the other side, take the end of the cord and put it through one of the chains (about 8 - 10 chains down).

Next, tie a surgeons knot a few times and then add a small bead to the end of the knotted cord. Make sure that its very small (2-3mm) compared to the cord end.

Then, tie a couple more knots and cut the cord very close to the knot and seal it with a drop of good glue. So now you have the loop end sized, knotted and glued.

You also have the clasp end that fits snugly through that loop. Tie a bead or button to the other side and perform the same process on this side. Put a bead on the cord the same way as with the loop.

When you put the clasp through the loop, if there is a little bead on the clasp side you can catch the loop on it to make the piece more secure.

Please let me know if this helps at all as it may just be the way that you are starting and finishing? Or knotting?

Anyway happy crocheting!


Finishing Your Crocheted Jewelry
by: Jamee

I think I get...that makes sense that that would not have the problem that I am having...I was doing it totally different...just made up my own way of doing it.

I kind of did the loop end like that though, just crocheted it in and then did a knot, but not the clasp (big bead side).

Thank you so much for the tip. I'll definitely give it a try!

I'm not sure if any of you guys use this glue, but I just bought some of the Fray Stop glue from Marion Jewels and Fiber. She had good things to say about it and her site said it's supposed to last longer then the GS Hypo Cement.

I've been using the GS Hypo Cement for eons when I make my silk knotted necklaces and so have been putting that on my little knot after the seed bead on these crocheted pieces.

I'm not sure what I think about this Fray Stop yet as far as performance, but I wish the tube was different.

The glue itself is like water, so even though you poke a pin hole in the top and put on the pointy plastic applicator, it's still not like the awesome tiny pinpoint metal applicator on the hypo cement.

When it finally comes out it runs all down the side. I think I'll go through the tube fast even though it's huge because most of it will be from spilling. :(

Small Size C-Lon
by: Sydneyanne

Hi Jamee,

One more thing I wanted to say...

I ordered some Micro C-Lon from Marion Jewels and Fiber. When I got it I thought 'Oh I will never use this' and now I use it all the time!

So keep that stash and you may have a great idea and change the world. ...LOL... Have fun and thank YOU very much for the offer though.


C-Lon Micro
by: jamee

I know what you mean...I doubt I'll change the world though, lol!

But, I have gotten rid of things that I wished I hadn't and later more out of the convenience of not having to wait to get it again. I just do not do any seed bead stitches and would totally give these to anyone who needs them now. I've got other friends who bead as well, so I'm sure they will get some good use :)

I made my first necklace with the C-Lon Fine and pearls. I love it! It's perfect!

Glue for Micro Bead Cord
by: Sydneyanne

Hi Jamee,

That is great about the C-Lon...that you found a use for it. I am so glad I didn't get rid of mine too...I use it for so much now.

About the glue, yes I have tried all the glues I have been able to find. Boy I wish I had the perfect answer for that too! The fray stop is so thin I agree. I stopped using it after a while, however, I do think it holds fairly well.

I also use a product my husband uses to tie fishing fly's. It's a cement and it works pretty good, so does clear nail polish, but only on dark threads.

I don't want the glue to make my thread hard, it needs to have a soft 'rubbery' feel to be comfortable on the body.

Anyway, it is interesting hearing your comments...Have fun!

Glue for Bead Crochet Jewelry
by: Wanda

Hey Guys,

Have you all tried using GS Hypo Cement Fabric Glue?

Sydneyanne may have been speaking of the regular GS Hypo Cement Glue when she spoke of the glue that her husband uses for fly's.

The type I am speaking of is specifically made for fabric. I used it on the bead crochet jewelry projects that I will be posting on the site.

I like the feel of it...It's not stiff or scratchy.

If you try it, let me know your results.


by: Sydneyanne

Hello Wanda,

Yes, I have tried Hypo Cement for Fabric, I like it a lot, but I find the tube breaks within a short period of time. The tip is so tiny and I have to squeeze it so hard.

Anyone else find that?

It is one of the best I have found though your quite right Wanda. Just wish I could get it to come out a little better without breaking the tube. Thanks!

C-Lon Fine and GS Hypo for Bead Crochet
by: Jamee

I liked the C-Lon Fine as soon as I got it. It's what I was looking for all this time. It's the C-Lon Micro and S-Lon thread size that I can't find a use for ;-)

I did not know there was a GS Hypo for Fabric. Is the tube different than the one for watches and crystals?

It's my favorite thing about the GS for watches and crystal...the applicator is like a needle and it's so perfect for gluing knots and not getting it everywhere.

I was reading on Marion Jewels and Fiber though that in comparison to the fray stop the GS Hypo had been known to break down after time. It's been great for me so far though. I've been selling online since 2003 and started out with silk cord necklaces and never have I had to fix one of them yet.

The repairs I have done have all been on regular strung necklaces and bracelets using Soft Flex. So I may just keep using it. I would definitely like to try the kind for fabric...where do you get it at?

GS Hypo Cement for Fabric
by: Wanda


I got my tube at my local bead shop. I believe JoAnn's sells it too.

The tube is just like regular GS with a pinpoint needle for precision.


GS Hypo Cement for Fabric
by: Jamee

Maui doesn't have those two wonderful hobby stores I always hear about..JoAnn's and Michaels...but we do have a Ben Franklins so maybe it will be there.

We have very few bead stores as well and most are far from me and very small. The internet has been my friend when it comes to getting beading supplies.

The tube of GS hypo I have today just started acting like the needle applicator was coming off. Is that what you mean Sydneyanne? I can't count how many of those I have gone through and never ever had that today it does it right before I read you have a problem with it..go figure lol! I have half a tube left too..definitely a bummer.

GS Hypo Fabric Cement
by: Wanda

Just checked JoAnn's online for this product. They carry it!


GS Hypo Cement for Fabric
by: jamee

Oh cool! Thanks Wanda!

Found it at artbeads...and they have free shipping if you spend over 10 bucks :)


by: Sydneyanne

Yes isn't the internet great for getting supplies, I use Etsy all the time too. Someone on there usually has anything your looking for.

Artbeads is great too, I love their ideas and they are so friendly, but sorry Artbeads is a little too expensive in some things, one beadcap can cost .45 cents, when I can get 100 for 2.00 at Firemountain. I do like artbeads though. Great service.

Anyway, yes, regarding the tube of GS Hypo Cement glue, mine lasts me a short time and then the pinpoint dispensing tube breaks. You know, I should email the company and ask about that, what can I do? I would like the opening to be a bit larger so I didn't have to squeeze so hard? maybe?

I sometimes cut the whole tube open and put it in a film container, then dab a pin or something small in and use it to dab glue on my knots.

Anyway lots of good ideas...Thanks everyone!

Many People Making Crocheted Jewelry
by: Sydneyanne

I see lots of people are now making crocheted jewelry. I am happy to see that as it's a wonderful craft! When I started, it was almost unheard of.

I have come a long way, even since I started adding comments and tutorials on making beaded jewelry. I love what I do and hope others will too!


Bead Crochet Jewelry
by: Anonymous

Hi Sydneyanne! It's been a while since we talked here. I just got a notice that a comment was left and it was you. :)

You are right...Crochet jewelry has gotten so popular. I had no idea it was going to get so popular! I like the look of it because I love making knotted silk necklaces and love anything that I can incorporate a beachy look to since I'm here on Maui. Crocheted jewelry lends itself very well to that.

I love making it with cone shell pendants that I find here on the island. I think the whole Boho theme has made the crocheted jewelry look go crazy.

I really appreciate your kindness and help so that I could finally figure out how to complete my projects. I have had a blast making pieces and wearing them and they have been a wonderful addition to my island themed shop!


Success Selling My Handmade Jewelry!
by: Sydneyanne

Hi Jamee,

I am so glad to see your wonderful jewelry, I love it... very pretty!!

My business has grown so much since I last spoke to you. I closed my Etsy shop for a long time due to an injury at work. But, I re-opened and started advertising. I had never advertised before, but that really made all the difference. I never new what advertising could do for you..

Now, I am busy all day making things and mailing them out. Which is not a job...I don't know what to call it since I just love what I do anyway!

I hope you have nothing but success...I love your designs! Take care and keep me posted.


Bead Crochet Jewelry
by: Wanda

Hi Sydneyanne,

Congratulations on the success of your business!

Maybe you could share what you did to advertise that made your business such a success. I'm sure that other jewelry artists would appreciate any tips you may have on how to sell jewelry.

Continued success!


Bead Crochet Jewelry
by: Anonymous

That is awesome news...Sounds like it really paid off!

I try to do all the free advertising I can with SEO tactics (blogging..videos etc) I will pick up here and there, but then that gets to be so much it takes time and my brain away from making then I go back to jewelry making and I don't get any of the SEO stuff done. I have a hard enough time focusing on one thing let alone two things on the opposite sides of the brain (right/left brain..creative/logical).

Any type of advertising kept up with does help though. I've seen the difference. So, if you paid for advertising it was probably very worth it. Especially with your beautiful designs! They are so colorful and pretty. I know they must sell very well. People just needed to find out about them! :)

I'm sorry to hear that you hurt your self at work..but glad you are better! And now if you only have to make jewelry for your "job" then all the better!

Hi to you too Wanda! It's nice to catch up with you girls!

Aloha from Maui :)

Advertising to Sell Handmade Jewelry
by: Sydneyanne

Hello Jamee and everyone else,

I just started advertising through etsy, nothing too expensive, just a few dollars a week, I should try the bigger ads one day too.

I did try facebook, but found they wouldn't let you turn them off and kept charging me. I would stay away from them. They don't want to give you your money back too easily.

Just a few simple ads on etsy worked. Good luck everyone and thank you for the nice words.

Take care,

Advertising to Sell Handmade Jewelry on Facebook
by: Anonymous

That is awful about Facebook! I advertised once there with a special where they gave me a certain amount of free credit and then when it ran out it turned off. I was worried a number of times when I got emails from them that it wasn't turned off..but it was. I've never looked at it again. I just have my FB personal and business page and show new work there and have made many sales that way.


Can You Help? Sewing Crochet Bracelets Together
by: susan/designs by susan


Love your designs and would like to understand a little more about how you sew them together and also how you make the clusters....I am more of a visual person, but I'm gonna try it. Check out my latest crocheted collection on my FB page,


Crocheted Jewelry
by: Sydneyanne

Hi Susan,

One day I should make a video of some of the techniques, as it can be hard to explain in written form.

I saw your designs on FB and they are lovely!!... really really pretty!...good for you.

You almost have to experiment with the beads to see what type of cluster of beads you like. I happen to like them small and not too round. It depends on what you like.

Anyway thanks for posting and hope to see more of your designs!


Where to Buy Beads to Crochet Jewelry
by: Anonymous


Where do you get your beads? I absolutley love your stuff! I have been making leather wrapped bracelets selling them at schools and church bazaars.

I have started to crochet bracelets and I am having a hard time finding beads that fit into the cord that I have been using.

Your tutorials are the best! Thanks for sharing your gift!!!

Where to Buy Crochet Jewelry Supplies
by: Sydneyanne


Yes, I get my cord from Marion Jewels in Fiber or Shipwreck Beads. However, Marion has far larger selection. You can buy it from too but I still like Marion!

Also, all my supplies come from various places all around the U.S. I travel there throughout the year and buy in many places. Fire Mountain Gems is a great for some things, but there is so much more variety to be found in a little bead store somewhere.

Best of luck to you and let me know if you want any more information!

Thank you,

Having fun designing crocheted jewelry since 2008

Name of Cord to Use for Bead Crochet
by: Sydneyanne

Oops, I forgot to say the cord is C-Lon or Mastex. I also use a couple other kinds too, but generally those two. :)

Beads Fitting on Bead Cord
by: jamee

Also, Marion's Jewels in Fiber has a fine C-Lon bead cord (not thread) that will fit smaller beads like pearls.

A lot of gemstones have super small holes and they are such a pain. Beads that often have large enough holes are fire polished crystals, Swarovski's and probably other glass pearls as well. I just keep both sizes on hand and feel like I really luck out when I have gemstone beads on hand that actually fit the regular sized C-lon.

Micro Bead Cord for Bead Crochet Jewelry
by: Sydneyanne

Yes, Jamee is right, the smaller cord goes through many beads/pearls that have a small hole.

I use the micro bead cord for many things. I bought it and then thought, "I will never use this", but I found it is great for clustering beads together like in the blossoms or spring bloom bracelet.

I found that the micro bead cord is the only thing that works for that kind of design. I love sable, its my favorite color.

Don't know if you read previous posts, but just to make it easier to put the thread through small holes I dip it in crazy glue and when it's dry I cut it at an angle so its sharp like a needle.

Best of luck to everyone!
Sydneyanne :)

Sable C-Lon Bead Cord
by: jamee

Hmm...sable...I can't remember if I bought that one. I really like this one that is not gray and not tan...I think it's called cocoa?

I want to try them all. I"ve gotten addicted to Marion's website...buying C-Lon and chinese knotting cord.

I do find though that I have a really hard time telling what the C-Lon cord really looks like until I get it home. For instance, I wanted a replacement to this natural tan color I had gotten in a pack of S-Lon cord. So, I bought three similar ones to make sure I got the right one. Good thing I did because two of them I don't really like even and one is pretty close. Now to figure out which one it is for reordering because it's not labeled on the spool. lol!

Bead Cord Identification - Useful Tip
by: Sydneyanne

Hi Jamee,

The sable I like is similar to the one your talking about. I wish they had the fine weight in sable, but not yet.

One of my other favorites is sepia. I love that one. I agree about the color issue, that bothers me so much when the colors are similar and you want a certain color and you have no idea what color you need to reorder. Here's my tip: I put a little piece of paper inside the spool when I get them, naming them right away, and then I always know. :)

Have fun!

Figuring Out Colors of Bead Cord
by: Jamee

Well the problem is that the three colors are so similar online. And the colors are often a bit off from my monitor compared to when I get to see them in real life.

So I don't know which is which to even tag them with a matched up name. There was no name on them to begin with when I opened the box. So, I'm gonna have to sit there and hold them up to my monitor and see if I can at least match up the one I will want to reorder to the picture in her shop. (clear as mud? lol)

Or, I could tell Marion my delimma and see if she will send me a snipping of each of the colors I ordered with the name of it attached :)

Bead Cord
by: sydneyanne

Hi Jamee,

Marion always marks them for me when she sends a box so that's really nice, but sometimes they can be in a little bag so I guess you could ask her to do this for you too.

Marking Bead Cord Color
by: Anonymous

Well, now that you say that I looked at the box. On the inside flap there are some letters that most likely correspond to what colors they were, but I have taken them out of the box and do not know which was where. lol! Oh well...this is how we learn!


Love bead Crochet
by: pamnperry

I just discovered bead crochet for making jewelry and have also fallen in love with it!

Really appreciate your sharing as you have some steps I want to use. I also like to use quality stones, glass and crystals; really makes a difference.

Bead Crochet - Thank you!
by: Naomi H

Thank you so much for your tutorial! I'm a crocheter and in love with the crocheted jewelry. I've noticed your creations on etsy and they're gorgeous! I can't wait to learn it myself. I really appreciate you sharing your learnings to help me get started.

Much joy and success!

Twisting beads in Bead Crochet!
by: Melody

Miss SydneyAnne ~
I love beading and trying to crochet beads as well. I am a potter so this gives me a little fun break. I have a question for you, how do you keep the beads all facing the same direction when you crochet a single strand. My beads seem to twist on the strand and therefore do not hang evenly . The twist or at time just one will twist the wrong way throwing off the neatness of the project!
Thank you for your thoughts!

Bead Crochet: Beads twist and turn!
by: Melody

I love this site, how inspirational! I have tried to bead crochet and really like it, but my beads seem to twist on the c-long string. Do you have any ideas on how to keep them straight? They look so much nicer on a single strand when they all face the same direction!
Thank you!!!

Getting Beads Straight on Cord for Bead Crochet
by: Sydneyanne

HI Melody,

How nice for you too take a look. I love this site too - its fun to learn new things.

Regarding making them straight, I just string all the beads on, then carefully crochet them fairly tightly, but making sure I am not twisting as I go.

I don't know if this is going to answer the question as I am not sure if I have had this problem. If you let go of the crochet and then insert your needle in the back or something then then next stitch could be twisted.

I have had the finished piece look wrinkly, not perfect looking, I like them to be perfect so I very lightly iron it in between a towel, never letting the iron get too hot or touch the item. It could melt the cord. It straightens out nicely after that. I also burn the cord ends and add a dab of glue. I no longer use e6000. I have found another glue I like better called Aleene's fabric fusion.

Please ask anything else you would like to know. Hope this info helps. . . Best to you!

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