Bead Crochet
Jewelry Making Instructions

Discover how to bead crochet ropes and more into jewelry with step by step beading instructions.

Make gorgeous crochet bead jewelry using just the chain stitch. Begin by crocheting a foundation chain.

How to Crochet Jewelry

The instructions below assume that you are a beginner at crochet. To begin we'll use yarn and a large size crochet hook so that you can see the how to crochet.

First, we'll learn how to make a slip knot, basic bead chain stitch and a crocheted knot (to add space between beads).

Tools and Supplies

  • pony beads
  • one skein of light colored yarn
  • size 5mm crochet hook
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors

Crochet Hook Parts

Bead Crochet Instructions

To make it easier to see how to bead crochet, here I use yarn, pony beads and a size 5 crochet hook. First, I thread the yarn through a tapestry needle and use it to string the beads onto the yarn.

1. String all Beads Onto Stringing Material

String all of your beads onto bead cord (yarn, thread or wire) in the order called for in a pattern.

Bead Crochet Step 2

Notes: Use a sewing or tapestry needle to assist you with stringing the beads onto your stringing material if it is too flimsy to act as a needle on its to pick up a bead.

The stringing material is not cut before adding beads. The beads are strung directly onto the spool of stringing material. The first bead on is the last one crocheted.

2. Make a Slip Knot

If you crochet you already know how to make a slip knot. If you need them here are instructions for making a slip knot.

Bead Crochet Step 4

Note:  Each of us may crochet differently. Here's how I hold the cord and hook (above photo):

I loop the working cord (end with the beads on it) over my index finger and allow it to hang. I use my index finger to control tension on the cord.

I hold the tail cord between my thumb and middle finger.

No doubt you will discover (or have already) a crochet method that's comfortable for you.

3. Crochet a Bead Chain Stitch

To crochet a bead chain stitch, bring a bead down the cord, behind the crochet hook.

Bead Crochet Step 5

Note: In bead crochet a bead is crocheted into the stitch. In a pattern, the directions may note this as "b st", "bead st" or "bead stitch".

4. Yarn Over

To yarn over, use your index finger to bring the yarn over the front of crochet hook from behind it in a left to right motion, resting the cord in the throat of the crochet hook.

Bead Crochet Step 6

5. Complete Bead Chain Stitch

To complete a bead chain stitch, pull the cord through the loop on the hook.

You have crocheted a bead chain stitch.

One loop is on the hook.

Bead Crochet Step 7

6. Next Bead Chain Stitch

Repeat Steps 3 - 5 to make a foundation row of bead chain stitches.

To crochet a bead chain stitch is easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Bring a bead down the cord and behind the crochet hook
  2. Yarn over
  3. Pull the cord through the loop on the hook

7. Back Side of Foundation Chain

Bead Crochet Step 9

How to Make Knots Between Chain Stitches

1. Space Beads in Foundation Chain

To make a space (knot) between beads, do not bring down a bead.

Instead, yarn over and place both loops in the throat of the crochet hook.

Bead Crochet Step 10

2. Finish Knot on Foundation Chain

Bring yarn (cord) through loop on hook. Pull the yarn (cord) tight against the throat of the hook. This tightens the yarn (cord) on the knot you just made.

Bead Crochet Step 11

Make as many knots as you'd like. Before bringing down a bead, make sure to place your loop on the shaft of the hook to make your next bead chain stitch regular sized.

3. Here's how your bead chain stitches and knots will look using bead cord and a size 2.75mm steel crochet hook.

Bead Crochet Step 12

More Bead Crochet Instructions

Now turn your slip knot and bead chain stitch into jewelry. Use step by step instructions to make a crochet bead necklace.

For more inspiration, see gorgeous crochet bead jewelry designs. These beautiful designs were submitted by visitor and jewelry artist Sydneyanne from British Columbia, Canada.

Here by popular demand, learn how to crochet a rope. Make your own bead crochet rope bracelets and necklaces in your favorite color scheme!

See and make three free bead crochet rope patterns. You'll be making up your own patterns in no time!

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