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Easy Bead Jewelry Projects

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Ribbon Bead Necklace 
A ribbon bead necklace is classy. Read how a beginner jewelry maker made two ribbon and glass pearl bib necklaces with flowers and bows. Beginning Jewelry …

Crochet Thread Bead Necklace 
Here's a great crochet thread bead necklace design idea! Discover a new way to use crochet thread in this gorgeous flower necklace jewelry design idea. …

Amethyst Bead Necklace Design Idea 
Amethyst beads are plentiful and beautiful. Check out this fresh amethyst bead necklace design idea as inspiration for your next bead jewelry design. …

Aloha Illusion Necklace 
Like the look of illusion necklaces? See how one visitor used bead stringing techniques to make her aloha illusion necklace bead jewelry design. She used …

Filigree Findings Bead Necklace 
See what you can do with a filigree finding in this filigree findings bead necklace design idea. It features a handmade lampwork bead! Jewelry Making …

Glass Drop Bead Bracelet 
Use a bead stringing technique to create this colorful glass drop bead bracelet. It's an easy beginner bead jewelry project! Inspired by the spring …

How to Make Jewelry From Pre Made Jewelry 
Jewelry making on a budget...Find out how to make jewelry from pre made jewelry using discount and craft store finds and findings. Make this easy seed …

How to Make Bracelets With Elastic Cord 
See two elastic cord bracelet designs and learn how to make bracelets with elastic cord. An easy bead jewelry project! Sterling silver noodle beads …

Resin Beads Jewelry Design Idea 
Resin beads mimic turquoise in this easy to make resin beads necklace design idea. Use a step by step tutorial on how to string beads to recreate this …

Clay Tube Beads Necklace 
A great bead jewelry project for beginner jewelry making. String clay and glass beads to make a clay tube beads necklace reminiscent of mother nature in …

Wood Beads Necklace 
For an easy bead jewelry project use wood beads and jewelry making chain to make this wood bead necklace design idea. It's a great long necklace project! …

Clay Beads Necklace Design 
Use easy bead stringing techniques and painted clay beads as inspiration to make this clay beads necklace design idea. An easy jewelry making project! …

Strawberry Watermelon Glass Bead Necklace 
If you love glass beads, check out this strawberry watermelon glass bead necklace design idea! When I found the glass green square beads I knew I wanted …

Turquoise and Coral Polymer Clay Necklace 
Take a look at this turquoise and coral polymer clay necklace jewelry design to see what you can make with polymer clay and beads. I love designing …

Black and White Bead Necklace 
Make a classic color combination black and white bead necklace, bracelet and earrings using painted wood beads and pearls. An easy bead stringing jewelry …

Blue Agate Beads Bracelet 
Use acrylic beads with blue agate beads to make this blue agate beads bracelet design. It is an easy beginner wire and bead jewelry project. Jewelry …

Glass Lampwork Bead Bracelet 
Use (Czech fire polished and lampwork) glass beads to make this glass lampwork bead bracelet. It's a very easy bead jewelry project! One day, I was …

Bead and Ribbon Necklace 
I used beads, wire and ribbon to make this bead and ribbon necklace design. It's a great beginner wire jewelry project and an easy bead jewelry project. …

Make Recycled Jewelry 
Make recycled jewelry. Repurpose salvaged copper washers to make a handmade lampwork bead, copper, and crystal necklace. A great wire and bead jewelry …

Multi Strand Glass Bead Bracelet Design Idea 
This is a multi strand glass bead bracelet design idea for a plus size bracelet. It's an easy bead jewelry project and instructions! It contains two …

Blue and Green Waterlily Bead and Chain Bracelet 
Easy Bead Jewelry Project: Use foil lined lampwork glass beads and glass pearl beads to this make blue and green waterlily bead and chain bracelet. …

Biwa Pearl Earrings 
These biwa pearl earrings were made with leftover biwa pearls from a matching biwa pearl necklace. Together they make a beautiful beaded wedding jewelry …

Biwa Pearls Necklace 
Biwa pearls are also called stick pearls. I purchased these shiny white biwa pearls at a bead show in Costa Mesa, CA. I was attracted to their iridescence, …

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I really find that (of) all the beading sites on the web, yours is the best!

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