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Illustrated beading instructions are key to learning beading techniques.
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This index contains a handy listing of beginner jewelry making techniques covered on this site.

For your convenience you may quick jump to a specific jewelry making technique for making bead jewelry.

Bead Stringing Techniques

Stringing beads is the art of beading jewelry using beads and a variety of stringing material such as beading wire, bead cords, beading chain and a host of other materials.

In this section, you'll find individual beading techniques to easily complete bead stringing jewelry projects.

Stringing Beads

How to Sting Beads
Learn, step by step, how to string beads into a necklace. You can easily make a bead bracelet using the same jewelry making instructions.

Using French Wire or Bullion

How to Use Bullion
Learn to use bullion, also known as French wire, to give a finished look to bracelet and necklace ends.

Crimping Bracelet or Necklace Ends

How to Use Choker Clamps
Learn to use choker clamps to finish necklace ends made with lace, ribbon or velvet...

How to Use Crimp Ends
Learn to use crimp ends to finish cord ends like leather, suede or ribbon...

How to Use Crimp Beads
Learn to use crimp beads to secure jewelry clasps to beading wire to finish necklace or bracelet ends...

How to Use Crimp Covers
Learn to cover folded crimps with crimp covers for a more finished look...

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More Beading Techniques

Wire Working Techniques

Wire working is the art of twisting, bending and coaxing wire into jewelry. To make beaded jewelry, add beads. And, viola - you are making wire jewelry with beads.

Opening and Closing Jump Rings

How to Open and Close Jump Rings
Learn the correct way of opening jump rings and closing jump rings. Use this bead stringing for beginners technique to attach dangles to earrings, add decorative elements to designs and more...

Making Jump Rings

How to Make Jump Rings
If you want to be adventurous, try making your own jump rings. Make the traditional round jump rings, or use mandrels in various shapes and sizes.

Opening Split Rings

How to Open Split Rings
Learn to opening split rings correctly. Use this bead stringing for beginners technique to attach bead units to one another, attach necklace extenders and more...

Making Simple Wire Loops

How to Make Simple or Plain Wire Loops and
How to Make Double Ended Wire Loops

Jewelry Wire Working Techniques for Beginners...Learn to make single and double eye wire loops to connect to bead units or dangles to earring findings, bracelets and more...

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Wire Wrapping Techniques

Beading techniques include some wire wrap techniques too. Listed here is a beginner wire wrapping technique or two to get you started with wire wrapping jewelry.

Making Wrapped Wire Loops

How to Make a Wrapped Wire Loop Above a Bead
Wire Wrapping Jewelry Making Techniques for Beginners...Learn a basic wire wrapping technique to more securely attach dangles to all kinds of beaded jewelry...

How to Make a Double Ended Wrapped Wire Loop
Jewelry Wire Wrapping Technique for Beginners...Learn a basic wire wrapping technique to connect to bead units or to attach dangles to all kinds of beaded jewelry...

How to Wrap Briolettes

How to Wrap a Briolette with a Simple Wire Loop
Wire Wrapping Jewelry Making Techniques for Beginners...Method #1 Learn how to make a simple wrapped wire loop above a briolette bead...

How to Wrap a Briolette with a Wrapped Wire Loop
Wire Wrapping Jewelry Making Techniques for Beginners...Method #2 Learn how to make a wrapped wire loop above a briolette bead to more securely attach pendants to necklaces and to make wire wrapped earrings...

How to Wrap a Briolette Bead with a Long Tail Wire
Use this technique to decorate the top of a briolette bead or pendant bead.

Coiling Wire

How to Coil Wire by Hand
Learn a basic and essential wire wrapping, or wire working, technique. Then, make jewelry connectors or embellish wire for unique wire wrapping effects.

Making Wire Spirals

How to Make a Wire Spiral
Learn how to make a wire spiral with these wire jewelry instructions. Wire spirals allow you to dress up your wire jewelry designs, making your designs truly yours!

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Knotting Jewelry Techniques

Knotted jewelry is making a comeback. When I finally made my first strand of hand knotted pearls I was so proud of myself! It took several tries before I got it right, but I did it.

You can too! Just tie an overhand knot between the beads. Hand knotting beads is very gratifying and easy to do when you can see it done step by step.

Knotting Pearls

Use this tutorial to learn how to knot pearls by hand. You can use this same beading technique to tie knots between other beads like gemstones and glass beads too!

New beading techniques are added to this page regularly.

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