Bib Style Necklace Design Idea

by Holly Ashmore
(Allentown, PA)

Bib Style Two Tiered Necklace

Bib Style Two Tiered Necklace

Bib Style Two Tiered Necklace
Jasper Focal Pendant
Crimping Wire to Shell Connector
Flower Clasp

Use this beautiful bib style necklace design idea with jasper, turquoise and other beads to make your own bib necklace.

Jasper (also called Impression Stone or Soft Onyx Marble) can be found just about everywhere in different colors.

The Aqua Terra Jasper I chose for this necklace has a greenish-blue and tan color with a pattern that resembles snake skin.

It is combined with a variety of other beads and stones that remind me of the colors of summer at the beach.

Jewelry Making Supplies

Beadalon 19-strand beading wire
Aqua Terra Jasper Pendant 40x30mm
4 Arizona Jasper rectangles 24x13mm
2 Jade Orange nuggets 10x14mm
12 Mint Green freshwater pearls 6mm
2 Olive Green freshwater pearls 8mm
10 Turquoise nuggets 12x20mm
6 Amber freshwater pearls 10mm
6 Cloisonne 6mm beads
17 total Majestic Blue glass pearls 10mm to 15mm
6 Silver oval beads
6 Decorative metal beads
16 bead caps2 Bjue & Brass enamel shell connectors
1 Silver Plate flower clasp
Crimp Beads and 2 Crimp Ends

Jewelry Making Tools

Wire Cutter
Crimping Tool

Jewelry Making Instructions

Step One
Begin by cutting two lengths of wire - one length at 22 in. and one length at 15 in. Always measure several inches more than you actually will need to allow for attaching crimps and clasps at the ends.

Step Two
Slide the Jasper Pendant on to the center of the 22 in. wire. (Wrap a piece of tape around the left side of the wire while you string the beads on the right side to keep them from falling off).

Step Three
String the beads in the following order:

1 olive glass pearl, silver oval bead, jasper rectangle, decorative metal bead, turquoise nugget, bead cap, amber pearl, bead cap, 12mm blue pearl, cloisonné bead, turquoise nugget, cloisonné bead, 15mm blue pearl, decorative metal bead and jade orange nugget. Repeat the same pattern on the left side of the wire strand. Tape the ends to hold beads in place for the time being.

Step Four
On the 15 in. bead wire, string the beads in the following order, beginning on right side:

Center a 15mm blue pearl, silver oval bead, jasper rectangle, decorative metal bead, turquoise nugget, bead cap, amber pearl, bead cap, 12mm blue pearl, turquoise nugget, 12mm blue pearl, cloisonné bead. Repeat on left side of strand.

Step Five
Take the end of both lengths of bead wire on the right side and thread through the bottom ring on the shell connector and attach crimp bead securely but just loose enough that the wire can move freely on the connector.

Repeat on the left side. You now have the bottom half of the necklace completed.

Step Six
For the top half of the necklace, cut two lengths of beading wire 9 in. long. Attach one wire to the top of the shell connector with a crimp bead and snip off the excess wire from the end.

Now string the remaining beads (right side of strand) as follows:

Bead cap, turquoise nugget, bead cap, 10mm blue pearl, 6mm mint green pearl, 10mm blue pearl, bead cap, amber pearl, bead cap, 10mm blue pearl, 6mm mint green pearl, 10mm blue pearl, 4 6mm mint green pearls and silver oval bead. Attach a looped crimp end to secure in place.

Repeat same pattern of beads on the left bead wire.

Attach clasp.

The necklace will measure approximately 24 in total length when finished.

Comments for Bib Style Necklace Design Idea

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3rd Place Winner March 2011 Jewelry Making Contest
by: Wanda


Great design and use of an eclectic mix of turquoise and jasper beads!

The colors of the various beads blend well into an eye pleasing design.

And the designer like clasp is a nice finish over just using a simple lobster claw clasp.

This two tier bib style necklace design is a little more challenging than a single strand beaded necklace.

It would wear well on the neckline of an open shirt collar.

Good job...Congratulations on winning and keep making beaded jewelry!


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