Cleopatra Necklace Bead
Jewelry Making Instructions

How to make a Cleopatra necklace (a.k.a. Egyptian necklace) made easy - use the right beads. Illustrated step by step beading instructions!

Cleopatra wore this necklace design often. At least, that what's pictures of this confident queen show us. This necklace design was named after her because of it.

It is a collar necklace that rests at the base of your neck and radiates outward from your neck, resting on your shoulders. The look creates a halo effect about your neck.

Cleopatra herself would be proud (I hope so anyway) to wear this one! Using just beads and beading wire to create some spectacular necklace designs in no time flat.

Cleopatra NecklaceCleopatra Necklace

How Can You Make a Cleopatra Style Necklace?

The simplest jewelry making technique to use is to string beads on beading wire.

The best beads to use are those that have been cut in or can be used in a radiating pattern.

Simply string the beads onto beading wire and crimp. It's that easy!

Bead Jewelry Making Instructions to
Make a Cleopatra Necklace

Beading Technique Used:

Bead Stringing

Beading Skill Level:

Beginning Beading

Prerequisite Jewelry Lessons:

If you are new to making jewelry, learn and practice these jewelry making techniques first...

How To String Beads

Approximate Length of Necklace

16.5 inches (41.9 cm)

Jewelry Making Supplies

  • 1 strand of Cleopatra style beads
  • several 4mm round accent beads
  • 4 tube crimp beads
  • 1 'S' clasp with two closed jump rings attached
  • 1 24 inch (61 cm) length of .014 or .019 diameter beading wire
  • beading mat

Jewelry Making Tools and/or Pliers

  • Crimping pliers
  • Wire cutters

Here is an explanation and pictures of jewelry pliers used in bead jewelry projects.

How to Make an Egyptian Necklace
Cleopatra Style

1. Gather supplies, tools and beads. Work on a beading mat so that your beads will not roll around.

Determine how long you want your necklace to be. Then, cut a piece of beading wire 6 inches (15.2 cm) longer than that measurement.

2. Lay the strand of beads on the beading mat.

Cut the temporary string that the beads come on.

Pull the temporary string from the strand, leaving the beads in the same order that they are originally strung and general circular shape.

Step 2 of How to Make a Cleopatra Necklace.

3. Add filler beads to your design. Place the beads along the strand on the beading mat.

Step 3 of How to Make a Cleopatra Necklace.

4. Close up of filler beads placed in the design.

Step 4 of How to Make a Cleopatra Necklace.

How to Make a Cleopatra Necklace Continued

5. String all the beads, including the crimp beads and 'S' Clasp, onto the beading wire as shown in the photo below.

Bring all the beads together, leaving no excess space between the beads.

Beading Tip: If your necklace seems heavy, use two crimp beads on each necklace end as shown in the photo below.

Step 5 of How to Make a Cleopatra Necklace.

6. String the beading wire back through the crimp bead, filler beads, Cleopatra style beads, the second crimp bead, a few more Cleopatra style beads and a filler bead.

Beading Tip: Check the initial fit or length of your necklace by holding it around your neck (not pictured).

Make adjustments by removing some of the Cleopatra style beads or by adding more filler beads to get the necklace length that you want.

To get my length, I removed several Cleopatra style beads after I checked the fit of my necklace. I wanted the necklace to fit snugly, right at the base of my neck.

Necklace Ends: Whatever your length, string the beads that make up the end of the necklace as shown in the photo below.

Step 6 of How to Make a Cleopatra Necklace.

7. Draw the beads together to remove any excess space between them.

Crimp the crimp beads.

Cut the excess wire.

String and secure the second end of the Cleopatra Necklace the same as the first.

Step 7 of How to Make a Cleopatra Necklace.

Close up of finished ends.

Step 7A of Closeup of a Cleopatra Necklace end finished.

You're done! Beautiful isn't it?!

Step 8 - Completed Cleopatra necklace.

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