Coiling Memory Wire

by Robin

Coil Memory Wire from Back of Pliers

Coil Memory Wire from Back of Pliers

Coil Memory Wire from Back of Pliers
Rotate Pliers to Coil Memory Wire
Pick Seed Beads with Open End of Memory Wire
Completed Memory Wire Earring

What is the best method to use to make a spiral using memory wire (or for coiling memory wire)?

I'm making earrings using memory wire and I would like to create a spiral.

Also do you have tips for placing beads on the spiral? If possible can you help?



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Coiling Memory Wire
by: Wanda

Hi Robin,

Best Method for Coiling Memory Wire

The best method that I have found for spiraling or coiling memory wire is to use pliers so that you can grip the wire firmly.

Here, I used round nose pliers, but you could also use bail making pliers (their jaws are even all along their length).

I've posted some pictures that show how to coil memory wire using round nose pliers.

Making Memory Wire Earrings

Jewelry Making Supplies

Bracelet size memory wire
Size 11/0 seed beads

Jewelry Making Tools

Memory Wire Cutters
Round nose pliers
Flat or chain nose pliers

Jewelry Making Instructions

Step 1
Using memory wire cutters, cut one coil of memory wire.

Step 2
Take the memory wire coil and place the end of it at the very back of and between the jaws of the round nose pliers (See Photo 1).

Step 3
Hold the long length of the memory wire with your thumb and index finger. Begin to coil the memory wire by rotating the pliers with one hand and forcing the wire against the pliers with the other hand (See Photos 1 and 2).

Because memory wire is made of steel it is difficult to coil. You have to force it into a coil using your hands and the pliers in a rotating motion.

Reposition the pliers to re-grip the wire coil with each turn or rotation.

Step 4
Coil the wire to your desired length. Then cut any excess wire left from the original single bracelet coil.

Step 5
Using your fingers and flat or chain nose pliers, spread the coils apart. This will allow you to thread the seed beads onto the wire later.

Step 6
On one end of the wire coil, use the round nose pliers and make a simple wire loop. Use the chain or flat nose pliers to bend the wire loop upward to hold the earwire.

Step 7
Thread seed beads onto the wire by picking them up with the open end of the wire (See Photo 3).

Step 8
Use the round nose pliers and make a simple wire loop on the second end of the wire coil to keep the seed beads from falling off.

Step 9
Attach a Sheppard?s hook earwire to the top wire loop of the coil (See Photo 4).

Step 10
Make a second earring.

Tips for Placing Beads Onto Memory Wire

Tip 1
Spread the coils or spirals apart.

Tip 2
Use beads with holes large enough to fit onto the wire and over the curve in the spiral.

To get better at coiling memory wire - practice, practice, practice.

Thanks for your inquiry and I hope this tutorial helps you make some beautiful spiral or loose coil earrings.

Enjoy your beautiful memory wire earrings!


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