Daisy Chain Wire Work Necklace

by Babitha Thomas Tharayil

Daisy Chain Wire Work Necklace

Daisy Chain Wire Work Necklace

Looking for a fun wirework jewelry project? Make this daisy chain wire work necklace. Wire wrap glass beads and work craft wire into wire daisy flowers for a cool retro look.

Here is what inspired me to make this bead necklace.

The red beads in my bead stash inspired me to make this wire and bead necklace. I thought the red permanent colored copper wire I had would work well to wire wrap the red beads.

I wondered which wire work technique would work best to go with the wire wrapped beads and thought a simple wire daisy chain flower would work well for the design.

Briefly, here are the jewelry making techniques I used to make this jewelry design.

I made a wrapped wire loop and added a translucent bead and red bead and closed it with wire loop. I used 20 gauge copper wire for the glass beads.

Then I attached these beads to the chain with jump rings which I also made using 20 gauge wire.

Next I made wire daisy chain flowers with 22 gauge red colored copper wire (see more detailed instructions below) and attached them to the chain with jump rings.

To finish off the necklace I attached the lobster claw clasp to the jewelry making chain with jump ring.

The wire wrapped red beads and wire daisy chain flowers alternate starting from the center of the the jewelry making chain and are attached to it using jump rings.

I did overcome a challenge to make this wire and bead jewelry design.

Though I am just two months into jewelry making, this was a very easy necklace to make. It took me only about an hour to make it.

I did run into a little trouble though - I found that the jump rings I made were a little large for the size of chain. Next time I must use a smaller diameter wire to make jump rings.

My curiosity for creativity got me started making jewelry.

Being a stay at home mom, I have been into creative things for the past two years.

About two months back, my kids borrowed a book on polymer clay from the library. I found it interesting to make beads and jewelry.

I was never a person who liked too much fashion jewelry. But after learning how to make it, it is driving me crazy to make new beads and jewelry!

So now I enjoy wearing my own stuff - my own handcrafted jewelry.

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Nice Wire and Bead Necklace Design
by: Nitya

Awesome work Babitha!

Making a Wire and Bead Necklace
by: Wanda

Wow, what a great necklace! It looks fabulous. You did an excellent job! And you have been only making jewelry for two months?

Your necklace shows what a little creativity and ingenuity can accomplish. I liked that you used a few different jewelry making techniques to make your Daisy Chain Wire Work Necklace.

Great job!

For those visitors who would like to learn these techniques here is where you can find them on Making-Beaded-Jewelry.com:

How to Make Wire Loops

How to Make Wrapped Wire Loops

Learn How to Make Jump Rings

See below for instructions on how to make the wire daisy chain flower.

Enjoy making your version of this beautiful daisy chain wire work necklace.


How to Make a Wire Daisy Chain Flower
by: Wanda

See Photos 3 and 4 above.

Step 1
Cut about 12 to 15 inch (30.5 - 38.1 cm) length of wire. Here, I used orange colored craft wire.

Step 2
Bend and fold the wire back and forth making loops in the wire.

Try to keep the loops of wire on top of one another, not entwined. This will make a neater wire daisy chain flower. (Photo 3, Top Wire Bundle) You may have to practice a time or two to make an wire bundle where the wires are not entwined. (It took me four tries!)

Make the bundle with an uneven number of loops on one side. In Photo 3 there are three loops on the right side and two on the left.

Step 3
Grasp, or pinch, the wire bundle in the middle between your forefinger and thumb of your non-dominant hand.

With your forefinger and thumb of your other hand wrap one of the non-looped wires around the middle of the bundle three times where you have pinched it. (See Photo 3, Bottom Wire Bundle)

Step 4
With wire cutters trim the excess wire ends.

Use chain nose pliers to tuck the wire ends in close where the bundle has been wrapped.

Step 5
Spread the wire loops apart to simulate the petals of a daisy.

You are done...Cool in a retro sort of way!


Thank You!
by: Babitha

Thank you for your lovely comments, Nithya and Wanda.

Wanda, I have been doing creative stuff for the past two years. I use the design and color theory principles that I have learned in those two years in whatever I make.

I sew, knit, scrapbook and paint. Also, I like to work with mixed media. For example, when I refashion clothes for my children, I do hand embroidery with beading or hand embroidery with fabric paint. So I think it was easy for me when I started beading and jewelry making.

I make some jewelry with beads and wire and I am self taught. I learned jewelry making from books, the internet, magazines, window shopping and from my own mistakes.

When I make jewelry, I design with the clothes in my mind that I plan to wear. I consider the color of the T-shirt or blouse and its style and type of neck.

I create one thing or the other spending one to two hours every other week day when my kids are at school. Maybe this explains, why I am just two months into beading and jewelry making!

Way To Go
by: Deepa

Way to go Babitha! Keep it up!

Superb Daisy Chain Instructions. Thank you!
by: Guillemot

Marvelous Babitha! I cannot thank you enough. I am brand new to jewellery making. I have bought quite a few supplies and have plenty of creative ideas.

However, I have realized that I do not seem to have the logical thought processes that turn ideas into actual items! LOL! In short, I have taken up a hobby only to discover I love it but am not very good at it.

I have been wanting to make some wire wrapped abstract daisy chain earrings, but was tying myself in knots - literally - trying to get the flowers right.

Your method is SO simple, yet genius and produces GREAT results! Plus, your instructions are so clear and logical. I have tried it now and have made some lovely earrings that are now my favorite pieces.

Fantastic necklace by the way. It is so nice that jewellery makers take the time to share their ideas with others.

You have made my day! (-:

Beaded Jewelry Making Contest
by: w


Thank you so much for entering your beautiful bead jewelry design in the July 2011 Beaded Jewelry Making Contest!

All of the bead design entries are just lovely, but only one could be chosen as the winning design entry during this contest.

So, here is the winning entry, Bead and Wire Flower Necklace.

Whatever else you do, have fun beading!


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I really find that (of) all the beading sites on the web, yours is the best!

You show simple, straight to the point photos that are EASY to look at. BRAVO!

I have bookmarked your site onto my Firefox toolbar and will stop in a LOT! Thanks again!
Maryfrances Botkin
Columbia, MD

This site has been so helpful and inspirational to a beginner beader like me.

I have learned so much and appreciate knowing how to make my pieces look really professional.

You have done well!


Thank you for an awesome website, it has been very useful and informative!

I have just started my hobby in jewelry making and whenever I come across a hurdle, your website shows me how to get over it.

Thank you again.

Merishka B.
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