About Earring Making Supplies
and Findings for Jewelry Making

Find out what earring making supplies and findings beginners need to make earrings with beads in no time!

You can purchase supplies or findings to make earrings from many jewelry making suppliers.

Of course, most of us do wear earrings. But when it comes to making earrings we may be a little unfamiliar with earring parts, or findings.

Here, you'll find pictures and a brief description of some common earring findings and earring making supplies.

Earring Making Supplies,
or Earring Findings, Glossary

Earring Making Findings: Earwires

The part of an earring that goes through your ear is called an earwire. There are several types or styles of earwires. Most of us have a favorite!

Sheppard's or Fish Hook Earwire

Bails A sheppard's hook earwire is very common. It's name is appropriate because it resembles a walking stick used by sheppards of ancient times or a fishing hook used to catch fish. For a more secure hold on your ear, use with earnuts.

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Lever Back Earwire

Bead CapsLever backs open with a hinge and have an open ring at the bottom. Open the ring with chainnose pliers as you would jump rings. Add a plain or wrapped wire loop dangle to make beaded earrings.

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Kidney Earwire<

Bead TipsSimilar in shape to the body part, simply unhook the long wire and add dangles to make bead earrings.

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Post Earwire

Crimp BeadsOpen the simple loop as you would jump rings and add beaded dangles.

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Clip On (or clipon) Earwire

Crimp Bead CoversNo need to search the world over for clipon earrings. Make your own clip on earrings with this finding!

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Earring Making Findings: Earnuts

Earnuts help to hold post and sheppard's hook style earwires on our ears. Some earnuts also offer extra support in holding heavier earrings in the proper position on our ear.

Butterfly Clutch Earnut

Crimp EndsUse with post earwires to securely hold the earring on your ear.

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Comfort Back Earnut

Eye PinsUse with post earwires to help support your heavier beaded earrings.

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Rubber Earnuts

Head PinsUse rubber earnuts with sheppards or fish hook earwires to help keep the earwire on your ear.

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Earring Making Findings: Earring Frames

Earring frames are very abundant. They make a great starting point for making homemade earrings. Why? Because you don't have to make the entire earring! Chandelier and hoop earring frames are two popular options. Just add beaded dangles and charms to make them your own!

Chandelier Earring Finding

Head PinsChandelier earring findings are wonderful. Half the earring is already made for you...Just add beads!

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Hoop Earring Finding

Head PinsYou can find a wide variety of hoop earring findings in the jewelry making supplies section of most jewelry making suppliers. Just pick up a few and add beads!

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Earring Making Supplies: Bead Caps

Bead Caps

LinksBead caps cup or sit on top of beads, dressing them up. They add style to handmade earrings.

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Earring Making Supplies: Jump Rings

Jump Rings

Jump RingsClosed Jump Rings

Jump RingsOpen Rings

Jump rings are either open or closed (soldered) and are used to connect one bead unit to another or as decorative spacing within a design. Jump rings connect separate bead units together, making earrings longer or wider. Jump rings come in various shapes and sizes. They can be very decorative, adding style and pizzazz to your homemade earrings!

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Earring Making Supplies: Jewelry Making Wire

For making earrings, the most common types of wire used are sterling silver wire and gold fill wire. Wire allows you to make individual bead units and connect them to one another.

If you like wire jewelry, you may want to make the entire earring of wire (wire earrings) or make your own earwires.

Use 20 or 22 gauge wire to make earwires. Anything larger may not fit the hole in your ear and smaller gauges will bend too easily. Depending on the size of the earrings, use 22, 24 or 26 gauge wire as the wrapping wire when making wire wrapped earrings.

Learn more about jewelry wire.

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Earring Making Supplies: Jewelry Making Beads

Choose from an almost limitless selection of jewelry making beads for making earrings. Be sure to choose light weight or small size beads though or your earlobes will be weighed down and stretched!

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Earring Making Supplies: Jewelry Making Pliers

You'll need an earring making tool or two to manipulate and cut wire to make earrings. If you need to, review here what jewelry pliers you'll use to make your own beaded earrings.

Now, make your own homemade earrings! For you, I've put together an entire section on how to make earrings of different types.

You'll find easy beginner instructions for making earrings... Make fashionable earrings, fun earrings, cool earrings, funky earrings and sexy earrings!

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