Glass Bead Multi Strand Necklace Design Idea

by Rona Wells
(Las Vegas, NV)

Fire Red Glass Beaded Necklace

Fire Red Glass Beaded Necklace

Jewelry Making Materials

0.30 mm clear transparent cord (or any other type)

1 pendant – round, oval or square

2 large packages of hand-blown glass beads (mixed sizes):
(8- 2mm round beads, 2- 3mm round beads, 4- 4mm round beads, 2 each log & barrel shapes, approx. 60 small beads various shapes and 12 large decorative beads)

67 small gold beads (used as spacers)

2 med size bronze (matches pendent) daisy spacers

3 med round jump rings

2 crimp beads

2- 3mm double cup connector

1 pair of toggle clasp or claw clasp closure

If you plan on hanging beads onto pendant use:
1 straight needle pin – 2”
2 straight needle pins – 1”

Jewelry Making Tools: flat pliers, crimp tool, nail clipper (excellent for cutting cord) and wire bender if using needle pins.

Jewelry Making Instructions:

1st strand:

1. Measure one strand of cord – 12” long & tie off at end leaving at least 2” of additional cord.

2. String 3- 2mm round beads followed by one small gold bead.

3. Follow with 1- 3mm round bead,gold bead,1- 4mm round bead, gold bead, 1- 4mm round bead, gold bead, barrel bead, gold bead and 5 large decorative beads each separated by a gold bead.

After the last large bead add a gold bead and a daisy spacer.

Add a jump ring to the pendent and slide it on after spacer.

Place 2nd daisy spacer & gold bead followed by the same pattern, but in reverse. Try to match the two decorative beads on each side of the pendent.

Tie off end.

2nd strand:

1. Measure one strand of cord – 12” long & tie off at end leaving at least 2” of additional cord.

2.String on smaller beads. Use different shapes and sizes. Separate each bead with a small gold bead until you reach the 1st daisy spacer.

Pull the cord through the spacer/pendant/spacer and continue stringing (start with gold bead after spacer) until the end. Make sure all strands are the same length when done with 2” of additional cord left over.

NOTE: The additional length of cord on each end allows you to make it longer or shorter.


1. String the 2 strands into 1 crimp bead. Place it as close to the beads as possible and crimp it. Do the same with the other 2 strands.

2. Place one connector on each end (after crimp bead); tie a knot in the string inside connector and close. Can use a little glue on knot before closing the connector.

3. Use the connectors to attach on to a toggle clasp or a claw clasp.

Comments for Glass Bead Multi Strand Necklace Design Idea

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On Fire
by: Beverly Berglass

Really beautiful and brightly colored. Very striking!

by: Rhi

Beautiful necklace design and I love your choice of colors for the glass beads.

Beautiful Necklace
by: Will

Out of all the other contest entries, yours caught my attention.

You put much work into choosing the right colored beads to match the focal point of your necklace.

Red Glass Bead Necklace
by: Enid

Very unique design and coloring. Love the multi-strand look.

Lovely Multi Strand Necklace
by: Judy

Very striking and vibrant. Loved the use of the beads selected.

I feel it's definitely well constructed with easy and explicit instructions.

Simply a beautiful winner!

by: Virginia LoPresto

I liked your necklace far and above the rest of the entries. It is really unusual. I'd love to make your necklace for myself.

Thank you for the clear instructions. Good luck. Your necklace seems to be the clear winner.

by: Ginny

I love the design, especially the hanging pendant. The necklace looks well constructed and the instructions are very clear. You deserve to win with this one!

Great Looking Necklace
by: Mary Shaffer

This is truly a beautiful piece of jewelry!

It looks like it should be in a store window and I would love it as a gift.

If I decided to make it, the ease of the detailed instructions are easy enough for a novice like myself.

After looking at all the other jewelry designs entered, this is the necklace that should definitely win this contest!

Fire Red Glass Beaded Necklace
by: Wanda


Love your design! As red is my favorite color, I especially like your use of various shades of red and not just one.

Also, your use of different shapes of beads makes this necklace much more interesting than just one shape.

Adding the bead dangles to the bottom of the pendant is a nice design extra that adds more visual (and literal) weight to the pendant which helps it 'measure up' to the double strand of beads.

Nice all around design...Well done!


2nd Place Winner March 2011 Jewelry Making Contest
by: Wanda

Congratulations Rona! Your Fire Red Glass Beaded Necklace won second place in the's March 2011 Jewelry Making Contest.

Your multi-strand red glass bead necklace is a classic design.

It was selected as the winner for its overall pleasing design (see my comments above). The use of different shades of red glass beads was an excellent idea!

Also, adding your special touch - glass bead dangles - to the ready made pendant is a nice design addition. A great way to make it your own!

Congratulations and keep designing and making beaded jewelry!


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I really find that (of) all the beading sites on the web, yours is the best!

You show simple, straight to the point photos that are EASY to look at. BRAVO!

I have bookmarked your site onto my Firefox toolbar and will stop in a LOT! Thanks again!
Maryfrances Botkin
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This site has been so helpful and inspirational to a beginner beader like me.

I have learned so much and appreciate knowing how to make my pieces look really professional.

You have done well!


Thank you for an awesome website, it has been very useful and informative!

I have just started my hobby in jewelry making and whenever I come across a hurdle, your website shows me how to get over it.

Thank you again.

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