How to Finish Necklace or Bracelet Ends

by Anonymous

How do I end a necklace made of a continuous string of beads? In other words, I need to know how to finish necklace or bracelet ends.


You did not mention what stringing material you used to string the beads. Stringing materials - wire, ribbon, string, etc. - can determine how you finish off a necklace or bracelet end.

One of the most common stringing materials to use is beading wire.

How to Attach Clasps or Finish Necklace or Bracelet Ends using beading wire.

You can also use crimp ends to finish off a necklace if you have strung the beads on a stringing material like ribbon or suede cord.

How to Use Crimp Ends to finish off a necklace.

Also, here's a complete tutorial on
How to String Beads on Beading Wire should you need it.

If these two methods do not satisfy your needs for stringing beaded jewelry, simply leave a comment below stating what stringing material you used.

Then I can respond on how to finish necklace or bracelet ends according to that specific stringing material.


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How Do I End Wire Beaded Necklace Without Clasp?
by: Randi

How can I end a wire beaded necklace so you do not see the crimping bead?

I am using agate in 8, 10 and 12 mm beads for a strand approximately 36 -45 inches long. I do not want anyone to see where it ended. I do not want to use a crimp cover. I want it to just have the beads I used and look endless.

How can I hide the ending?

How to Finish an Endless Necklace
by: Wanda


Unfortunately, the ways that I would suggest that you finish your necklace are the very ways that you don't want to use to finish it.

I cannot think of, nor have I seen, a way to finish off an endless necklace that used beading wire, but no crimp bead.

With a necklace length of about 36 inches, the chances of someone else seeing the crimp bead are slim, especially if you use beads similar to it in your design.

In case you change your mind, here's how you can make an endless necklace using crimp beads and covers.


How to End a Continual Strand of Knotted Pearls
by: SueAnonymous

Is there a certain knot recommended for the end knot of a continual strand of knotted pearls on silk thread? What do you do?

Ending a Strand of Knotted Pearls
by: Anonymous

I would use an overhand knot and add bead tip so that I could attach a jump or split ring.


finishing the closure on a necklace
by: Anonymous

I am making a necklace that is about half covered with beads. I plan to use crimp beads to attach a clasp.

How do I finish the necklace where the bent strands stick out of the crimp beads? I don't want the wire poking my neck.

How to Finish Necklace Ends
by: Wanda

One way to finish necklace ends when you use beading wire and crimp beads is to run the beading wire through a few beads after you put on a crimp bead and then cut the wire.

See how it's done in this How to String Beads Tutorial.


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