How to Knot Stretch Cord

by Anonymous

Step 1 Tie the Cord Ends Taunt

Step 1 Tie the Cord Ends Taunt

Step 1 Tie the Cord Ends Taunt
Step 2 Tie an Overhand Knot (Just Repeat Step 1)
Step 3 Bring One Cord End Through the Loop Again
Step 4 Tighten the Stretch Cord Ends toTie a Knot

How do I tie off the elastic cord (or how do I knot stretch cord) when making a stretch bracelet?

I have never done this before.

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Knotting Strech Cord for Making Stretch Bracelets
by: Wanda

In the pictures above I used regular elastic cord so that the cord would show up in the pictures.

Stretch bracelets are usually made with a product called stretch cord (Stretch Magic® is one brand). You can also use Gossamer Floss. These are thin clear elastic like cords that are stronger than regular elastic.

How You Knot Stretch Cord to Make a Stretch Bracelet

1. After stringing your beads, tie the two ends of the stretch cord together. (This is the same as the first step of tying your shoes.)

Pull the stretch cord taunt.

2. Repeat Step 1 as if tying an overhand knot.

3. Now loop one of the cord ends through the loop of the overhand knot again. You could even loop one end through the loop again for a third pass. You are tying what's called a surgeon's knot.

4. Pull the ends of the stretch cord to tighten the knots. The stretch cord loops should slide smoothly through the knot to close tightly.

5. Now dab a little Hypo Cement® glue onto the knot for a secure hold.

Making stretch bracelets is an easy jewelry making project.

Enjoy your new stretch bracelet made with stretch cord!

What Would I Do With No Glue?
by: Mayumi

Thank you! But say I don't have any glue and can't get any at the moment, what would i do to keep the knot secure and make it less likely to come undone?

Would I tie one or two overhand knots?

No Glue Necessary
by: Wanda


When knotting stretch cord as indicated in the instructions above, glue is not absolutely necessary but an extra precaution.

Some stretch cord is very slippery and the knot may come undone over time. The glue helps to prevent this.

And, yes, you are essentially tying two overhand knots with an extra step if you loop the cord through a third time on the second 'overhand knot' (Step 3).


Making Sure I Have Enough Beads
by: new beader

After I design my bracelet using stretch string and I tie it off, there is always a gap left. How do I prevent this from happening?

How to Handle Gaps In Stretch Bracelets
by: Wanda

Try pulling the stretch cord taut (enough so that the beads on each end at least meet, then put the stretch cord a little tighter) to take up any slack in it before tying the knot. When you tie the knot try not to allow the stretch cord to slip and loosen.

Once the stretch cord is tied, the bracelet opening may be smaller than your normal sized bracelet. You should have to stretch it a little to get it over your wrist.


Stretch Bracelet and Surgeons Knots
by: Bailey

I make bracelets with 10-12mm beads and need to make a knot that will hold with .8mm Beadalon elastic cord.

How many surgeons knots do I need to do before gluing?

How to Knot Stretch Cord
by: Anonymous

One glued surgeon's knot should hold. If you are concerned, make two.


Two Overhand Knots
by: Anonymous

If the first overhand knot is right over left, does the second one have to also be right over left or left over right like a square knot?

Knots in Stretchcord
by: Anonymous

Either way works.


Knotting Stretch Cord
by: Anonymous

This is the best step-by-step tutorial on how to knot stretch cord. It was well explained and all of my questions were answered.

Before, I tried and tried and never did a good knot.
Thank you so much for your excellent recommendations!

How to Hide Knots in a Stretch Bracelet
by: Anonymous

How do you hide the knots on a stretch bracelet?

Hiding the Knot on a Stretch Bracelet

Just work a bead over the knot. You may have to the knot under the bead. If the hole in the bead is not large enough, you could put a crimp cover over.

Sometimes though you just have to let the know show when it won't fit into the hole of the bead or you don't like the look of a crimp cover.


Stretch Bead Bracelets
by: Anonymous

I have been making stretch bracelets and after wearing them a few times they tend to get stretched out. I have used stretch magic. What kind of cord can I use to prevent this from happening? Please help. Thank you!!

Stretch Bracelets Stretch Too Much After Wearing
by: Wanda


You can double your stretch cord when you string your beads, or use a thicker stretch cord. It comes in various widths (e.g. 0.5mm or 1.0mm).

Try Gossamer Floss or ribbon elastic. These are flat, not round, and seem to stretch less than round stretch cord.

Unfortunately, stretch bracelets may stretch out of shape after a time.

If you can ever find jeweler's grade stretch cord that might work, but I don't know that it's available without a wholesale license. Try a fine jewelry supply house.


Pre-Stretch Stretch Bracelets
by: Anonymous

I just read that you should stretch your cord about 10 times before putting the beads on it, then it won't stretch out over time.

How to Apply Glue Precisely
by: Anonymous

What is the technique you would use to apply the glue in this tight area without getting glue on the beads, etc.? Thanks!

Applying Glue to Stretch Bracelets
by: Wanda

Try using a glue that has an applicator tip. Hypo Cement brand (for fabric or glass) comes with a very fine tip that screws onto the glue tube. It allows for pinpoint precision.

Applicator tips may also be purchased separately at some jewelry supply stores.


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