How to Make a Necklace

Jewelry Making Instructions

Learning how to make a necklace is easy with illustrated jewelry making instructions. Discover lots of fun and easy bead jewelry projects for making necklaces!

Do you just love to wear necklaces? Make your own. Coordinate beads, wire color, cord, leather to match your wardrobe.

First things first though: Whether you want to make a statement necklace or a more subtle beaded fashion necklace, read an overview of the Ten Steps to Making Beaded Necklaces.

Done? Now, go on to make bead necklaces in a variety of necklace styles for numerous occasions!

How to Make Bib Necklaces

Beaded Bib Necklace

Learn to make one of today's hottest fashion necklaces! Make your own jeweled beaded bib necklace. Bib necklaces are big necklaces that make great statement necklaces. What statement will yours make for you?!

You like bib necklaces but want to wear one to work. Follow beginner beading instructions on how to make a unique bib necklace you can wear everyday!

How to Make Choker Necklaces

Victorian Choker Necklace

Make a Victorian choker necklace using trim materials from your local fabric store or specialty trim shop. A great teen craft idea!

How to Make Collar Necklaces

Cleopatra Necklace

String beads to make an easy Cleopatra necklace using beading wire. The trick is to use the right beads. You can easily make an Egyptian style necklace that the queen herself would have been proud to strut!

How to Make an Endless Necklace

Endless Necklace

Learn how to make an endless necklace by stringing pearls. Also, find out what a pearl shortener is and how to use bead stoppers.

How to a Make Floating Illusion Necklace

Floating Illusion Necklace

String tiny pearls onto illusion cord to make a simple and elegant floating illusion necklace for a bridal party. It's easy enough that you can make it in time for the wedding even if you have never made jewelry before, much less beaded wedding jewelry!

More How to Make a Necklace Projects

Lariat Necklace Project One

Beaded Lariat

This lasso necklace is just one style of many types of lariat necklaces. Learn how to make a lariat necklace using one length of beading wire! It makes for a simply elegant unique beaded lariat necklace.

Lariat Necklace Project Two

Negligee Necklace

Make one negligee necklace, wear it many ways! Use this beginner tutorial for wire bead jewelry...Get a second bead necklace design option!

How to Make Multi Strand Necklaces


Make a pearl torsade necklace for a sophisticated statement necklace. Layering is a popular fashion statement. Multi strand torsades give you the look in one beautiful necklace!

How to Make Station Necklaces

Station Necklace

Station necklaces were popularized by the famous 'tin cup' version made of bead cord and beads. A station necklace has distinct stations, or bead links, connected by stringing material. Use wire wrapping techniques to connect links of sterling silver chain and faceted pearls for a sleek station pearl necklace.

How to Make Y Style Necklaces

Y Necklace

Make a Y necklace with one length of beading wire. Yes, you can make a necklace with only one wire!

Making Beaded Necklaces for
Different Occasions

How to Make Friendship Necklaces

Friendship Necklaces

National Friendship Day is celebrated by exchanging friendship necklaces. Learn what a friendship necklace is and get ideas for making one for your best friend (or friends).

Here's a Making Beaded Jewelry Extra!

How to Make a Necklace Extender

Jewelry Extender

Sometimes, you may want to adjust the length of your necklace. An extender allows you to do that. It also gives your beaded necklaces a more finished look. So, make your own jewelry extender with these easy jewelry making instructions.

Make Earrings to Match

Did you make a few beaded necklaces? How do they look? Awesome? Yes!

You're gonna love making your own unique beaded necklaces and jewelry!

Making necklaces is fun and easy...While you're at it make some earrings too!

Now, the next time you have a special event to attend you'll know how to make a necklace just for the occasion.

Your jewelry will be unique and you won't see yourself coming and going!


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