How to Prevent Beads From Cutting Beading Wire

by Rebecca
(Visalia, CA)

As a rule of thumb what determines the diameter of beading wire to use to string beads and natural stones?

I strung a necklace with medium beading wire that was coated with plastic (tested to hold 40 lbs).

In the middle of a dinner party my necklace broke.
I was embarrassed after all the nice compliments I had received on the necklace.

Do I ream and prepare a natural stone bead before stringing it on the beading wire to make a necklace?

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Use a Bead Reamer to Smooth Gemstone Bead Holes
by: Wanda

As a general rule, the size of the hole in the beads and the weight of the beads to be strung are usually my first considerations to determine what size diameter of beading wire to use to string beads.

Next, I take into consideration what material the beads are made from.

If I'm stringing crystals or light weight gemstone beads I use fine (.014) or medium (.019) diameter beading wire.

You may get the best results by stringing heavy or large gemstone beads on heavy (.024) beading wire that has 21 or 49 strands and is made of stainless steel, not sterling silver or other type of wire.

To smooth any rough edges around to hole of crystals, glass or gemstone beads you can use a tool called a bead reamer.

A bead reamer has a diamond encrusted tip that will smooth out rough edges. Bead reamers come in two options: a hand held manual tool and a battery operated electronic hand tool.

You can buy a bead reamer from your local bead shop or your favorite online bead store.

Also, remember to use the correct size crimp tube bead for larger diameter beading wire.

In general, use the following as a guideline for crimp tube beads and beading wire sizes:

If Beading Wire Diameter is: .010,
Use Crimp Tube Bead: 1x1.

If Beading Wire Diameter is: .012, .014 or .015,
Use Crimp Tube Bead: 2x2.

If Beading Wire Diameter is: .019,
Use Crimp Tube Bead: 2x3.

If Beading Wire Diameter is: .024,
Use Crimp Tube Bead: 3x3.

One thing to consider in your bead jewelry design if you're stringing a necklace made with all heavy gemstone beads is to attach the clasp using two crimp beads.

Maybe you want to string a smaller bead in between the two crimp beads.

I hope these guidelines help you to avoid having a necklace fall apart again.

Have fun beading and making beaded jewelry!

Excellent Response!
by: Anonymous

Very informative reply.

Thank you.

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