How to Smooth Wire Ends

by Deb
(Michigan, USA)

Emery Board, Bur Cup, Needle File

Emery Board, Bur Cup, Needle File

Emery Board, Bur Cup, Needle File
Smooth Wire Ends with an Emery Board
Smooth Wire Ends with a Bur Cup
Smooth Wire Ends with a Needle File

Wire Jewelry Making: How to smooth wire ends after cutting? When making a simple wire wrap, after I make the loop and then wrap the wire the desired number of times, usually three, I find that the end of the end of the wire has a sharp edge.

Making Wire Jewelry Question

How do I make the edge smooth?

Answer to Smoothing Wire Ends After Cutting


This is an excellent question, especially if you like to make wire jewelry a lot.

Jewelry Making Tools for Smoothing Wire Ends

I have used three different jewelry making tools - an emery board, a bur cup, a needle file (see Photo 1) - to smooth the end, or ends, of my jewelry making wire.

1. Emery Board

The tool that I use most often is a common emery board (the same one we use to file our nails). You can see the emery board in use in Photo 2. There, I am using it to file smooth the ends of a jump ring that I made.

An emery board has sand paper on both sides of a handy oval shaped foam-like material. The grit of an emery board commonly are fine, medium and coarse. I usually use the medium and coarse grits.

If you use two different grits to file a wire end smooth, use the most coarse grit first, then use the least coarse grit.

You might use two different grits on heavier gauge wires like an 18 gauge or 16 gauge to get a smooth wire end. Use a coarse emery board first, then use a medium or fine.

2. Bur Cup

In Photo 3 you can see a bur cup in use. The tool usually has a wooden handle with a small metal tip that looks like a cup. The small cup has little files on the inside of it.

The most common size of this jewelry making tool can be used on 18 and smaller gauge wire.

Rotate the tool in one direction to smooth the ends of wire.

3. Needle File

Small jewelry making files are called needle files (see Photo 4) and come in many different shapes. Usually you can buy several in one pack.

Again move the needle file against the end of a piece of wire in one direction until the wire end is smooth to the touch.

Making wire ends smooth after cutting is especially helpful when making earwires. It also gives the wire a cleaner look, making your jewelry look more well made.

Knowing how to smooth wire ends is a handy jewelry making technique.

I hope you find this mini wire jewelry making tutorial helpful.

Happy beading!


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by: Jean

I'm new to making jewellery, especially with wire. Your tutorial is very helpful! Thank you.

Good Job
by: Anonymous

Concise and very helpful! Thanks!! 😊👍

Thank You!
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Wanda! This was helpful.

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