How to Use a Toggle Clasp with Bead Dangles

by Susanne
(Kelowna, Canada)

How to Use a Toggle Clasp with Bead Dangles

How to Use a Toggle Clasp with Bead Dangles

How to Use a Toggle Clasp with Bead Dangles
Toggle Clasp in Use with Bead Dangle
Rose Quartz Bracelet with Toggle Clasp and Bead Dangle

How to use a toggle clasp with bead dangles: For toggle clasps, on which end is it better to add a dangle? I'm trying to create a little tension so that the clasp stays together.

I find that adding a bead dangle also helps keep weight on the toggle clasp so that the beads don't end up under your wrist.

With lampwork beads, which are heavier, I've found that using a toggle clasp without a bead dangle is a hassle.

I normally attach the bead dangle to the circle or loop end of the toggle clasp. Does it matter whether I attach it to the T-pin or the loop?

And, is it better to attach the bead dangle to a jump ring or as a charm to the circle end of the clasp?

I'm sending the jewelry overseas, so I won't have the ability to fix later.:)


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Attaching Bead Dangles to a Toggle Clasp
by: Wanda


Thanks for asking a question to a widely known dilemma in bead stringing!

I would attach the bead dangle to the loop on the T-pin with a split ring and a small length of chain.

My reasons are what looks better and gravity. I think the bead dangle looks better on the T-pin of the toggle clasp.

And, if the bead dangle is attached to the toggle loop, it may slide around it and not provide tension at all times so that the bead dangle acts as a counter weight, holding the toggle clasp underneath your wrist and the bead on top.

Also, I prefer to use a split ring for greater security over a jump ring, especially if the jewelry is for a customer.

In the photos above you can see how I have attached the bead dangle to the small ring on the T-pin.

Here are a Few Other Tips for Greater Security When Making Jewelry with a Toggle Clasp:

1. Use a toggle clasp with a curved T-pin.

2. If the T-pin is straight, use round nose pliers to slightly bend it.

3. Make the bracelet without a lot of slack, but just enough to get the toggle clasp closed.

4. Use a bead that is the size of the medium or larger size bead that you
used in the bracelet to make the bead dangle.

Let us know what you decided to do: Attach the bead dangle to the T-pin or the loop of the toggle clasp.

Jewelry making is fun and sometimes challenging, but there is a solution to the majority of issues.

Happy beading and have loads of fun making jewelry with beads!


Toggle Clasps and Bead Dangles
by: Sue


In the past the bead dangle attached to the toggle clasp's loop is no problem...It keeps the T-bar at (other end) the part near bead wire, and works for tension.

I guess it's more like a clasp used as an accent at the front of the necklace. The bead is a large lampwork, so not on a chain...and sliding around doesn't interfere.

I will try the T-pin attachment on one of my own first, since I know the other way works! I had the jump rings soldered, so there is no danger of it opening.

Thanks for speedy and helpful reply!! :)

Bead Dangles and Toggle Clasps
by: Sue

...One more thing...

Attaching the bead dangle (short with no chain) to the loop part of clasp and allowing it to slide, this keeps the circle hanging to allow you to slip the T-bar through the loop end of the toggle super easy...and keeps it out of the way!

I tried on the T-bar, using my own bracelet, and on the jump ring attached to loop end, and dangle was sort of in the way...and harder to fasten.

I think perhaps for a small dangle, and using chain works better for T-bar, but for a lampwork bead, without a chain, try attaching the bead dangle to the loop. :)

Attaching a Bead Dangle to a Toggle Clasp
by: Wanda


Thanks for the update. I happy to hear that you found a workable solution for your bracelet! That's great...In the end for jewelry making it's about what works!

See Sue's beautiful glass bead bracelet with bead dangle attached to the toggle clasp circle loop.


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