Hypoallergenic Findings

by Megan B.
(Detroit, MI)

Hi, I'm just starting off with making jewelry - mainly I make jewelry for friends and family.

My only concern is for people with sensitive ears.

Is there a special material (mainly for earrings) that I can buy to accommodate this?

Thanks for the help!

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Hypoallergenic Jewelry Findings
by: Wanda

Excellent question Megan! Yes, there is.

To combat the issue of metal allergies when making jewelry for others (or yourself), try hypoallergenic findings (aka hypoallergenic jewelry findings).

Lots of people suffer from metal allergies. The sensitivity usually occurs with earrings or rings.

A reaction can be caused by nickel being present in the metal used to make the jewelry finding.

Look for hypoallergenic earring findings made of these metals:

Stainless steel or Surgical Stainless Steel
14K or higher gold content

I am not a medical doctor so will not offer any medical advice, but my personal experience bears out this information.

I cannot wear earrings made of base metals like copper, brass, tin, pewter, etc. These would include most fashion earrings. If I cannot tell what metal it is made from, I do not wear the earrings.

It is also a good idea to choose jewelry findings labeled as Hypoallergenic, Nickel-Free or Lead-Free.

Keep in mind that the allergy may be different from person to person.

I have some friends who can wear earrings or other jewelry made from any metal. Others have to wear only gold. Still others cannot wear even sterling silver earrings.

A few years back, I had a customer who needed to wear at least 14K gold. When I made earrings for her I had to make a special purchase and buy her 14K gold earring findings.

Stainless steel findings are available, but limited and not every jewelry making supply supplier carries them. So, you may have to specifically ask for them.

Niobium jewelry findings are more readily available. These hypoallergenic findings come in different colors. So you should be able to match them to the metal color that you made the earrings from.

So, this is an excellent question and certainly it is worth asking your friends, or customers, if they have any special needs before making jewelry for them.

Also, I would suggest that anyone suffering from what they believe are metal allergies seek appropriate medical advice and/or attention.


Hypoallergenic Findings
by: Megan

Thanks for the information Wanda, that was great information!

This will really help me out with the people I want to make jewelry for as gifts :)

Sensitive Ears
by: Jennifer Hale

I use a coat of clear nail polish on any earring backs that bother my ears as I am sensitive to some earrings also!

Nickel Allergy in Jewelry
by: truekarmadesigns

I have not thought to try clear nail polish. I'll have to give that a go. Watch out for necklace and bracelet chains too. I have a wicked bad nickel allergy and have had to replace all the chains in my own personal jewelry with new hypo allergenic chain.

Hypoallergenic and Nickel free are two things to look for when shopping for findings.

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