Jewelry Clasps for Bead Jewelry Designs

New to beading jewelry? Find out about different types of jewelry clasps used in making beaded jewelry.

A clasp is a functional component that is attached to a bracelet or necklace so that you can wear it.

There are many different types of clasps that you can use to enhance to look of your jewelry designs.

Clasps are made a lots of different types of material: metal, bone, resin and fiber to name a few.

On this page I highlight several of the most common and widely available clasps.

Picture of jewelry claspsPicture of jewelry clasps used in jewelry making

This section is a glossary with pictures of different types of clasps.

Clasps are available in a wide variety of metal finishes.

Popular ones are sterling silver, gold filled, vermeil, silver and gold plated, copper, pewter as well as 14K and 18K gold.

Some are very decorative. Gemstones, crystals, buttons and any number of elements are added to increase their beauty.

Common Jewelry Clasps

Hook and Eye Clasps

Hook and Eye Clasp

  • Fasten by sliding the hook through the ring
  • Rely on the weight of the piece to keep them closed
  • Are Available in multi strand versions

Lobster Claw Clasps

Hook and Eye Clasp

  • Have a trigger that pivots a lever to open the clasp
  • Many shapes such as round, oblong, hearts and animals are available
  • Team them with a closed jump ring, split ring or wrapped loop to secure the clasp to a bracelet or necklace

Toggle Clasps

Toggle Clasp

  • Have a bar and a ring that come together to fasten a bracelet or necklace
  • The bar is fed through the ring and turned to span it for a secure hold
  • Rely on the weight of the piece to keep them closed
  • Many varieties are available: plain, decorative, multi strand
  • Decorative toggle clasps can function as a focal point

Sliding Tubes

Slide Clasps

  • The outer tube attaches to one end of a bracelet or necklace and the inner tube attaches to the other end
  • The inner tube slides inside the outer tube
  • Some are available with magnets in both ends for a very secure hold

S-Hook Clasps

S Hook Clasps

  • Are 'S' shaped hooks that have a ring attached to each end
  • To open, slightly twist one arm of the S-hook to the side and slide it off the ring

Spring Ring Clasps

Spring ring Clasps

  • Uses a trigger mechanism to pull open a wire inside the tube
  • When released, the trigger springs back into place to close the ring
  • Team them with a closed jump ring, split ring or wrapped loop to secure the clasp to a bracelet or necklace

Now, learn how to make a necklace and experiment using a different type of clasp for each necklace design.

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