Types of Jewelry Making Beads

There are many types of jewelry making beads. Learn about the types of beads used for making jewelry, how to buy beads, view a gemstone chart and more!

I confess, I am a bead junkie…. I just love beads! I go to bead shows and bead stores all the time just to see what's new.

Needless to say my bead collection is large. My friends say that I have too many beads and ask why I keep buying more beads. (They don't think I need any more.)

I say, "What's need got to do with it?", we all have our vices!

Anyway, there is a lot to learn about buying beads for jewelry making. Allow me to be your guide!

Enhancements to Beads for Jewelry

Today, we can buy jewelry making beads made of almost any material, in many shapes, sizes and colors.

Before you go out to buy beads, discover more about the enhancements made to beads for making jewelry.

The information will make you a savvier bead shopper.

Bead Size Chart

A bead size chart is a handy design aid for choosing the right size beads for a bead jewelry project.

Bead size charts graphically show in millimeters common bead sizes and shapes used to make jewelry.

I found and purchased a bead size and reference chart at BeadedPhoenix.com.

It is poster size and contains actual size graphics on round and cabochon beads, seed beads, thread, wire and more.

Buying Beads for Making Jewelry

If you are new to making beaded jewelry, arm yourself with the correct information to buy beads smartly.

Know what to expect when buying beads at wholesale and retail bead shops.

Types of Beads for Jewelry Making

Glass Jewelry Making Beads

There are so many types of glass beads for making jewelry. Where do I start!

I will break out glass beads into two categories: seed beads and other glass beads.

There is so much to know about seed beads that they deserve to be covered separately!

Glass Seed Beads

These little gems are most often used in on and off loom beadwork, or bead weaving.

I found lots of great seed bead information at SeedBeadSmarts.com, which is published by bead artist Virginia Brubaker.

As the name states, her site is about beading with seed beads. At SeedBeadSmarts.com you will learn how to do beadwork and other bead projects.

Other Glass Beads for Making Jewelry

Other types of glass beads include Murano® glass, dicrohic glass, sea or beach glass, crystals, Czech glass and many others.

Feast your eyes on this page of pictures and information on glass beads for jewelry. Just lovely!

Organic Beads for Jewelry Making

Beads are also made of organic materials like amber, bone, horn, pearls and shell.

Use these types of beads to make beaded jewelry, and you will do your part to recycle beautifully!

Beads for Jewelry Making

The beautiful and plentiful world of jewelry making beads is quite a joy to behold, especially on your first visit to a bead shop or bead show.

To learn more about the endless variety and types of beads that can be used in making bead jewelry visit bead-jewelry-partner.com. You'll learn about the history of beads too!

These pages provide you with information about buying beads for bead jewelry making that will make you a savvy, informed bead shopper.

Wishing you many successful bead hunts!


Top of Jewelry Making Beads

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