Bead Jewelry Making Ideas

Find cool bead jewelry making ideas for yourself and your kids. You both will be beading in no time!

Make Recycled Jewelry

Jewelry makers help our environment by recycling almost anything to make jewelry. I have seen pictures of pencils, bullets, bottle caps and more refashioned and used to make beautiful jewelry. Popular items to use are plumbing or household repair items such as washers, nuts and bolts.

Make Recycled Jewelry

In this bead jewelry project a lampwork bead artists recycled copper washers to make a bead necklace using wire jewelry making techniques. Here's one way to make recycled jewelry by turning a basic hardware store or salvage yard find into an extraordinary wire and bead necklace.

Make Jewelry fro Pre-Made Jewelry

If you don't make as much jewelry as you use due to the rising cost of some jewelry making supplies such as sterling silver jewelry findings, don't despair. Here's one solution, "buy the low cost jewelry and use it for parts?” This bead necklace design idea was made using parts from two anklets, four very cheap seed bead necklaces, and a few findings from the craft store.

Pre-Made Jewelry Redo

Learn how to make jewelry from pre made jewelry, also known as a jewelry redo. Make beautifully customized jewelry from your stash of old no longer worn jewelry or buy cheap jewelry to redo. A crafty jewelry making idea!

Make Druzy Jewelry

Drusy quartz and drusy agate (also spelled druzy with a 'z') has become a popular gemstone for making jewelry designs. Drusy can be purchased in its natural state as beads or as druzy cabochons enhanced with a special colored metal coating.

Make Drusy Quartz

In this bead jewelry project learn two ways to enhance natural drusy quartz beads to make druzy jewelry. It's so easy and you get spectacular results!

Jewelry Making Ideas for Kids (or Adults)

Children love to make jewelry too! Here are a few bead jewelry ideas that parents can help younger (under age 13) kids make. Teens can probably do these bead jewelry projects on their own, but as a parent you decide.

Make a Charm Bracelet

I don't know of any girl who doesn't love a charm bracelet. For this easy bead jewelry project you could purchase all of your jewelry making supplies from an arts and crafts store.

Make a Charm Bracelet

Learn how to make a charm bracelet using chain, jump rings and purchased charms! This tutorial will show you all of the jewelry making supplies and tools you will need. Choose several charms in one theme such as your child's favorite color, critter or animal, religious symbol or words of love.

Make a Stretch Cord Bracelet

Another easy bead jewelry idea is to make stretch bracelets. For younger kids and tweens you might choose beads made of plastic, wood or other non-glass material.

Learn to Knot Stretch Cord

This short instructional will show you how to knot stretch cord or elastic for a secure hold. These knot tying instructions will work for other types of stringing material such as beading cord or suede and leather cord too.

Ideas for Jewelry Making

Ideas from jewelry come from lots of different places. I usually just ask myself, "How can I make this into jewelry?"

Keep an open mind and your eyes will open to spot your next great jewelry idea. You'll soon find yourself making jewelry from materials that you would never have dreamed of before.

In the meantime, I'll keep posting great jewelry making ideas here.

Happy Beading!


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