Joining Beading Thread

by peanutga11ery1
(Seattle, WA, USA)

Beading question about joining beading thread - How do you add more thread if you didn't have enough (and frankly, it would've been far too long to work with if I had added enough thread in the first place)?


I'm not a beadwork expert (I consider myself a beginner because there is always something new to learn about a bead stitch), but here's what I would do sometimes: Tie the two threads together with a surgeon's knot or an overhand knot and work in back down through the beadwork on the diagonal.

Tie a half hitch knot, and then work the beading thread back up through the beadwork on the diagonal until you reach the last stitch beaded. Continue beading the bead pattern.

Or, try this method for adding and ending thread when beading.

Here's a link on my site for tying a knot in stretch cord. You could use the same knot:

How to Knot Stretch Cord

To get an expert opinion on how to join thread when bead weaving, check out this great book, The Beading Answer Book by Karen Morris.

You can find her threading techniques on pages 288 thru 292.

I have found this an indispensable help when I do beadwork to make jewelry.


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I really find that (of) all the beading sites on the web, yours is the best!

You show simple, straight to the point photos that are EASY to look at. BRAVO!

I have bookmarked your site onto my Firefox toolbar and will stop in a LOT! Thanks again!
Maryfrances Botkin
Columbia, MD

This site has been so helpful and inspirational to a beginner beader like me.

I have learned so much and appreciate knowing how to make my pieces look really professional.

You have done well!


Thank you for an awesome website, it has been very useful and informative!

I have just started my hobby in jewelry making and whenever I come across a hurdle, your website shows me how to get over it.

Thank you again.

Merishka B.
Ladysmith, South Africa