Lanyard Clips to Make a Bead Lanyard

See pictures and learn about different types of lanyard clips used in making a bead lanyard. And, find out the type of bead used to make an eyeglass lanyard.

What is a lanyard holder or clip?

It's a finding or component that allows you to clip your lanyard to something else.

Security Clips for Lanyards

Clips are attached to the end of the necklace portion of lanyards to secure the things you want to carry on your lanyard.

Lanyard ClipsClips used in making bead lanyards

Most of these clips, or clasps, resemble lobster claw clasps. In fact you can use a very large lobster claw clasp.

Some clips even have a swivel mechanism at the top to allow the clip to move freely.

Lanyard Holders

Lanyard holders are also attached to the end of the necklace portion of lanyards.

Lanyard Holders
Beads and Clasps Used as Lanyard Holders

But, holders allow you to carry things by clipping them onto the holder. Or, in the case of eyeglasses, simply hook them through the holder.

Making Lanyards with Various Holders

When making a bead lanyard, the options for holders are almost limitless.

You can use a variety of beads and clasps. Pictured above are...

  • A key ring (useful, but unattractive)
  • Toggle clasp halves (the ring or holder half)
  • Various donut beads (often used to carry eyeglasses)

Let your imagination guide you outside the usual box to use a jewelry finding, component or bead in a different way.

Where to Buy Clips for Lanyards

You can buy clips at arts and craft stores, bead shops or online bead stores.

Again, be guided by your imagination.

Try unorthodox places like hardware stores, consignment shops or thrift stores for unique and unusual items that can serve as lanyard holders or clips.

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