Beaded Lanyard Instructions

How to Make Lanyards
 for Your ID Badge!

Beaded Lanyard Instructions: Illustrated step by step instructions for making lanyards with beads - neck lanyard, badge lanyard, jewelry lanyards, fancy lanyards and more!

What is a Lanyard?

A lanyard is simply a rope or cord used to secure or carry something.

In the early 1600s, sailors used lanyards to tie down items on ships.

By the 1800s , military men wore lanyards around their waist, and later around their neck, to carry knives concealed from their enemy.

Today, we wear neck lanyards and wrist lanyards to carry keys, eyeglasses, badges, cell phones, IDs or purses as well as a host of other items.

The Anatomy of a Neck Lanyard

The common length of many of today's fashion neck lanyards is 36" (91.4 cm).

But, the beauty of making lanyards is that you can customize the length to suit your tastes and height.

Beaded LanyardBeaded Neck Lanyard

In the picture above, you can see the typical parts of a neck lanyard...

  • Necklace (cat's eye beads)
  • Cinch (decorative glass bead and sterling silver rondelles)
  • Drop (length of beads that holds the clip)
  • Lanyard Clip (typical swivel lobster claw clip)

You can finish the end of a lanyard with many different types of lanyard clips or holders.

Stringing Materials for Beaded Jewelry Lanyards

To make our fashion and jewelry lanyards we will take a few jewelry design liberties with the traditional rope or cord used to make utilitarian lanyards.

In addition to beads, we'll use a lot of stringing materials to make our bead lanyards...

  • Beading wire
  • Decorative trim such as velvet roping
  • Jewelry chain
  • Leather and suede cord
  • Ribbon
  • Wire

You can also use most any other stringing material that's used to string beads.

Now, go grab your jewelry making tools (you only need a few), fire up your imagination and let's make some bead lanyards!...

Beaded Lanyard Instructions for
Making Neck Lanyards

These beaded lanyard jewelry making instructions will teach you to make lanyards in many different styles. And...

Each beaded lanyard pattern is different! Have fun beading each gorgeous bead lanyard.

Basics of How to Make a Lanyard

Seed Bead Lanyard

Learn the basic steps of how to make a lanyard with basic bead stringing techniques and supplies from arts and craft stores.

How to Make Lanyards to Showcase a Focal Bead

How to Make Lanyards

Learn how to make lanyards that cinch in the middle to showcase a focal bead. Show off your beautiful lampwork beads, Pandora™ style beads or Murano® glass beads!

Lanyard Making Instructions for
Business Attire Lanyards

Crystal Quartz Lanyard

With these lanyard making instructions make a lanyard with a beaded lanyard pattern that uses chip beads in a design that will suit most any business attire!

Make a Beaded Lanyard as a Jewelry Lanyard

Beaded Lanyard

This beaded lanyard is no ordinary lanyard. It's a jewelry lanyard! Learn jewelry making techniques to make your lanyards as jewelry lanyards.

Make a Beaded Eyeglass Lanyard

How to Make a Beaded Eyeglass Lanyard

Need to keep your eyeglasses at the ready? Learn how to make a beaded eyeglass lanyard. Be eyeglass chic at the office or home!

Making Lanyards

Illustrated lanyard instructions make making lanyards easy, right?

So, don't just make a simple functional lanyard made of dull looking strapping material.

Make a beaded jewelry lanyard that expresses your sense of style! You can make a whole wardrobe of fashionable fancy lanyards.Make a lanyard to wear with every outfit or each day of the week!

And, it's fun to let our creativity flow...The design possibilities for beaded jewelry lanyards seem endless.

I'll bet your co-workers and friends will want you to make a bead lanyard for them!


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