Larks Head Knot Tying Tutorial
for Jewelry Making

Use a larks head knot to make a quick necklace. Beginners to jewelry making and beading will find it easy and addictive!

To make this knot use many different stringing materials like leather, suede or velvet cord, ribbons, even chain.

The knot is easy to tie and makes for a quick jewelry project.

So it's works great for gift giving or for teenagers who want to try making jewelry for themselves or friends.

And what's best is that the knot is reversible.

Your necklace will look great with either side of the knot showing.

Lark's head knot used to hold a pendant bead to make a necklaceUsed this knot to hold a donut pendant bead to make a necklace

You will also need something to tie the knot around. Donut beads work well for this type of knot and makes for easy jewelry making.

How to Make or Tie a Larks Head Knot Instructions

1. To make a necklace, begin by folding your cord in half.

Doing this will allow the pendant bead to hang in the center of the necklace.

How to tie an larks head knot.

2. Center the hole of donut pendant bead over the curved end of the cord as shown in the picture below.

How to tie an larks head knot.

3. Using your thumb and index finger, pull the cord through the hole of the bead.

How to tie an larks head knot.

4. Next, bring the two cord ends down and through the loop as shown in the picture below.

How to tie an larks head knot.

5. Now, pull up the two cord ends, tightening the loop around the donut bead.

How to tie an larks head knot.
Back view of knot

6. Add metal cord ends to the ends of each cord, slide jump rings onto their rings and add a lobster claw clasp and you have a necklace.

To see how this is done take look at How to Use Crimp Ends.

You're done!

Using this Beading Knot for Knotting Jewelry

Use this functional and somewhat decorative knot to make an easy jewelry necklace by adding crimp ends to the end of the cord.

In your bead jewelry making, I am sure that you will find other ways to make knotted jewelry with this handy beading knot.

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