Make a Beaded Bracelet with Easy Jewelry Making Instructions

Want to learn how to make a beaded bracelet? Get step by step jewelry beading instructions!

Use an easy bead stringing technique called crimping to make a simple, yet gorgeous bead bracelet.

This beading tutorial for beginners.

It shows you how to make a simple beaded bracelet using beading wire and french wire, or bullion, to finish the ends.

Dalmation jasper beads, crystals and vermeil jump rings make a striking combination.

Example of how to make a beaded bracelet

The contrast of the translucent crystals against the opaque jasper faceted beads make this bracelet sparkle. Wear it day or night!

What is bullion or french wire?

Bullion Wire

Bullion, also known as french wire, is tiny coiled wire that you cut to length and thread onto bead cord or beading wire to protect it from the abrasion of metal findings.

Let's learn how to make a beaded bracelet!...

Prerequisite Beading Technique:

How To String Beads

Jewelry Making Supplies

  • 9 10mm round beads*
  • 14 6mm bicone crystals*
  • 22 4mm twisted vermeil jump rings
  • 2 2mm crimp beads
  • 2 3mm crimp covers
  • 1 toggle clasp
  • two 3/8" (.5 cm) lengths of 1mm diameter bullion (french wire)**
  • beading wire, .014 or .015 diameter (24k gold plated used in this beading project)
  • Beading Board

*Beads used in this bracelet: 10mm faceted round dalmatian jasper, 6mm bicone golden shadow crystals

Jewelry Making Tools and/or Pliers

  • Crimping pliers
  • Wire cutters

If you need it, here's a review of jewelry pliers used in bead stringing projects.

How to Make a Beaded Bracelet Jewelry Making Instructions

1. Gather supplies, tools and beads.

Decide how long you want your bracelet to be and add 6" (15.2 cm).

Cut a piece of beading wire to that length.

2. In row one of a beading board, layout beaded bracelet pattern as shown to within one inch of finished length.

Pattern: Center one 10mm bead on the '0' mark, then on both sides of it place one 4mm jump ring, one bicone, one 4mm jump ring and one 10mm bead.

Repeat this pattern until you have placed four 10mm beads on each side of the '0' mark.

Then place and repeat one 4mm jump ring, a 6mm bicone and a 4mm jump ring pattern until you are within one inch of the finished length of your bracelet.

To adjust the size add or remove beads now. Later, after stringing and temporarily securing the clasp, when you check the fit of your bracelet you can also add or remove beads.

Beaded Bracelet
Layout of Beaded Bracelet Pattern

3. Make a bead stopper.

On one end of the length of beading wire, tie a loose knot to act as a bead stopper. This will keep your beads from falling off the beading wire while you string them.

String the beads onto the beading wire.

Beaded Bracelet
Overhand Knot Acts as Bead Stopper.

4. String all the beads.

Check pattern to make sure you like it. Make any adjustments to the pattern by unstringing and restringing beads to your liking.

Beaded Bracelet
Strung Bead Pattern

How to Make Beaded Bracelet Jewelry Making Instructions Continued

How to Use Bullion or French Wire

5. Using wire cutters, cut two 3/8" (.5 cm) lengths of bullion or french wire.

French Wire
French wire lengths

6. On one end of the beading wire, string a crimp bead, one length of bullion and one half of the clasp.

Beaded Bracelet

7. Pass the beading wire back through the crimp bead and two 6mm beads. Use your fingers to pull and tighten the wire against the clasp. The bullion should glide easily along the beading wire, forming a loop along with the beading wire to hold the clasp.

Repeat the process for the other wire end.

Beaded Bracelet
Clasp is Temporarily Attached

8. Check the fit of the bracelet. (There's no picture for this specific task.)

Before you secure the clasp, let's check the fit of the bracelet.

Gently pick up the bracelet and clasp it around your wrist.

Is it too loose or too tight? If the length is not as you'd like it to be, simply undo the ends, add or remove beads. (I added one more 6mm bicone and 4mm jump ring.)

Restring the ends. Recheck the fit.

When you're satisfied with the fit, move onto the next step.

9. Using crimping pliers, crimp each crimp bead.
(How to Crimp Crimp Beads.)

Using wire cutters, trim the excess wire from both bracelet ends.

Beaded Bracelet
Crimp beads have been crimped and wire trimmed.

Congratulations! You now know how to make a beaded bracelet and use french wire to finish jewelry ends.

Now, go show off your new creation...Wear it to work, church or out to run errands!

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