Make a Charm Bracelet,
Beginner Jewelry Making Instructions

Learn to make a charm bracelet with step-by-step beading instructions to make a unique beaded bracelet.

Use an easy wire jewelry making technique to make a simple, yet beautiful girls charm bracelet.

This beginner wire jewelry bracelet project will make a great gift for your daughter or other little girl in your life (including you!).

The wire jewelry making technique is simply opening and closing jump rings.

Purchased charms and jump rings and a length of chain combine to make a very personal and meaningful jewelry statement.

Example of how to make a charm braceletExample of how to make a charm bracelet

Let's learn how to make a bracelet with charms!...

Prerequisite Beading Technique:

How To Open and Close Jump Rings and
How to Open Split Rings

Charm Jewelry Making Supplies

Charm Bracelet Supplies

  • several charms of your choice
  • an open (unsoldered) jump ring for each charm
  • 1 split ring
  • 1 lobster claw clasp
  • a length of chain (cut to your desired bracelet length) with links large enough to hold a jump ring

Bead Jewelry Making Tools and/or Pliers

  • round nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers
  • split ring pliers
  • wire cutters

If you need it, here's a review of jewelry pliers used in bead jewelry projects.

How to Make a Charm Bracelet

1. Gather supplies and tools.

Decide the length of your bracelet.

Cut a length of jewelry chain to that length. Mine is cut to 7 1/2 " (19.1 cm).

Charm Bracelet Project
Length of Jewelry Chain

2. Using split ring pliers, open a split ring and slide the last link of the length of chain onto it. Open the split ring again and slide the lobster claw clasp onto it.

Charm Bracelet Project

3. Lay the chain out to its full length.

Arrange the charms along the length of the chain in an eye pleasing arrangement.

Charm Bracelet Project

4. Attach each charm to the length of bracelet chain.

Using a pair of chain nose pliers and round nose pliers, open the jump ring of the first charm.

Slide a link of chain onto the jump ring.

Charm Bracelet Project

How to Make a Charm Bracelet Continued

5. Using a pair of chain nose pliers and round nose pliers, close the jump ring of the first charm.

Charm Bracelet Project

6. Continue to attach each charm to a link in the chain until all of your charms are attached.

Charm Bracelet Project

7. You're done!

You've just completed a cute little girls charm bracelet, hand assembled by you. A perfect gift. Or keep it for yourself as a reminder to not take yourself too seriously. A cool bit of whimsy! I really like mine.

Charm Bracelet Project

How to Keep Your Charms Straight

Here's a great beading tip for keeping your charms straight - Use a Chain Sta®. You can find them at your local bead shop or an online bead store.

Loop your chain over the hooks provided to line up the links in the chain length. Make sure the links are not twisted so that the chain length lies or hangs in straight line.

Charm Bracelet Project

Alternatively, you could use painter's tape to temporarily secure the chain length to your work surface.

Make sure all your jump rings are facing forward. You may need to add a second jump ring to a charm so that it hangs forward. If you are using split rings, make sure that you place your charms on them facing in the same direction.

Charm Bracelet Project

Wear your new creation with pride!

Go out and buy some charms that speak to you. Then, you'll have a meaningful, unique bracelet.

I'll bet your friends and co-workers will want you to make a charm bracelet for them or their little girls!

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