Making Beaded Fringes with Beading Wire

by Jim
(Holbrook, NY USA)

End of Beading Wire Crimped Only

End of Beading Wire Crimped Only

I don't know how to start with the first bead, which will be at the bottom of the string hanging down from the necklace itself.

I don't want the beading wire to show. If I loop it through the bead and put a crimp bead to hold it, won't it pull through the bead or leave a small wire loop that will show?


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Beaded Fringes Can Be Made With Beading Wire
by: Wanda


What a novel idea - making fringes using beading wire! I tested a couple of options and posted pictures along with your question.

I was able to make only one fringe on a necklace. The technique is the same as making a Y Necklace with one length of beading wire, with one change.

Instead of threading the beading wire through the hole of a bead, you fold the beading wire in half. Then, place a crimp bead on the very tip of the fold in the wire.

If you do it this way the end of the beading wire will not show.

First, you may want to view Step One of making a Y Necklace. The beading wire is threaded through the end bead, leaving the wire showing.

Here are the steps to make a beaded fringe without the beading wire showing on the end bead as written on the photos above.

[Step 1:]
Cut a length of beading wire long enough to make a necklace. Fold the length of beading wire in half. (Photo 1: Steps 1 - 3)

[Step 2:]
Place a crimp bead on the very tip of the fold in the beading wire.

[Step 3:]
Crimp the crimp bead.

[Step 4:]
Add a crimp cover over the crimped crimp bead. (Photo 2)

[Step 5:]
Add beads to make a fringe. Use seed beads or other small (3mm or less) beads. (Photo 3)

[Step 6:]
Add a larger size bead on both beading wires.
Separate the wires, adding beads to each wire. (Photo 4)

Finish stringing your beads to make a necklace.

For the bead to be strung next to the crimped covered bead, make sure that its hole is smaller than the crimp bead.

Depending upon the size of the hole in the pendant bead (or largest bead strung on the fringe), use size 6 EE seed beads or 2 - 3mm spacer beads to keep the crimp covered bead from pulling through the hole of large pendant bead.

Though I was successful in making this work, I would caution against stringing too many heavy beads, like gemstone beads, in the necklace.

Over the long run they may put too much strain on the crimp bead at the end of the wire.

Let's us know how this solution works for you!

Tell Me More About How to Make Beaded Fringes
by: lizzybanj

Please explain more about how to do it (make fringes with beading wire).

Beaded Fringes Step by Step Instructions
by: Wanda


I have updated the instructions for making a beaded fringe on a necklace.

You did not mentioned your experience with making beaded jewelry. So, if you need them, here are step by step instructions on How to String Beads.

It is a tutorial that shows you how to string beads into a necklace. You will also see how to attach a clasp to beading wire, how to crimp a crimp bead and how to add a crimp cover.

The How to String Beads Tutorial also shows you what jewelry making supplies and tools with will need.

Let me know if the updated instructions work for you.

Have fun beading!

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