Making Wire Jewelry for Beginners

Explore making wire jewelry with free projects, tutorials, ideas and tips.
Design and make your own wire and bead jewelry!

How to Make Wire Jewelry with Beads

If you've never made wire jewelry before, browse each section first. Then, buy a few wire jewelry supplies and practice the wire jewelry techniques.

First, use copper or brass wire to practice. When your confidence level rises, use jewelry wire made of precious metals, such as sterling silver jewelry wire or gold fill wire.

Wire Wrapped NecklaceWire Wrapped Necklace

Wire Jewelry Making Sections


Jewelry Pliers

To start, you'll need to buy a few basic Header tools called jewelry pliers.

  • Chain nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters

Here, learn more - pictures and info - about basic jewelry pliers.


Jewelry Making Wire

Today, we jewelry makers have many choices for jewelry making wire. Jewelry wire is available in many different metal options including sterling silver, gold, copper, brass and stainless steel for making jewelry with wire.

Though more expensive now than ever, sterling silver jewelry wire continues to be a favorite choice among jewelry makers for making wire jewelry.

Remember you can usually make a wire jewelry project in your favorite color metal, even if the project calls for the usual standby of sterling silver wire.

Wire Gauge Chart

Wire is measured by its gauge, or thickness. Jewelry wire is most often sold in even gauges. The smaller the gauge size, the thicker the wire. Use this wire gauge chart to become familiar with the various gauges and their millimeter equivalent.

Jewelry Making Beads for Wire Jewelry

And of course you'll need beads! Here, you'll find a large number of jewelry making beads described along with helpful information and interesting tidbits.



Beading techniques for making jewelry with wire are very easy to learn. Explore these wire jewelry beading techniques used to make specific types of wire jewelry.

The set up is this: First, learn the wire jewelry making technique. Then, complete a wire jewelry project (If the project is not listed, it's coming very soon!).

Wire Working (or Wirework) Basics

With wirework, you learn to manipulate wire. Basic wire working techniques include making simple wire loops, coiling wire, wire scrolls and a whole lot more!

Opening and Closing Jump Rings

In making wire jewelry we'll use a lot of jump rings. So to start, let's learn to open and close jump rings correctly.

Now, make a charm bracelet using jump rings to attach your favorite charms to chain.

Make Your Own Jump Rings

You could also learn how to make jump rings.

Making Simple Wire Loops

Simple wire loops allow you to connect bead component to another. One such bead component is a bead dangle, or charm.

One way to make a bead dangle is to thread a bead onto a head pin and make a loop on the end of it. Practice how to make a simple or plain loop on the end of the head pin now.

With this simple wire jewelry technique, you can make simple, yet beautiful wire jewelry. Try making hoop earrings by making and connecting bead dangles to a hoop earring finding.

Learn a second method for making wire loops using jewelry making wire.

Now use this wire jewelry technique to make a simple wire and bead line bracelet.

Wrapped Wire Loops

Now, learn and practice two techniques to make wrapped wire loops to connect bead units.

First learn and practice, How to Make a Wrapped Wire Loop Above a Bead Using a Head Pin. Then use the wire wrapping technique to make chandelier earrings.

Next, learn How to Make a Double End Wrapped Wire Loop Using Wire and then learn about making bead bracelets with wire using the wire wrapping technique.

Coiling Wire

Learn a basic and essential wire working technique, coiling wire.

Making Wire Spirals

Learn how to make a wire spiral with these wire jewelry instructions.

Wireworking techniques like coiling wire and making wire spirals enable you to turn simple wire into beautiful wire jewelry, with beads added of course.

How to Wrap a Briolette Bead

Now, everyone wants to know how to wire wrap this special little bead. What is it? A briolette bead.

I'll show you three wire wrapping techniques to wire wrap a briolette...

Lesson 1 is on its own page...

How to Wrap a Briolette with Open Wire Loop

Lessons 2 and 3 are together on the same page...

How to Wrap a Briolette with a Closed Wrapped Wire Loop and

How to Wrap a Briolette Bead with a Long Tail Wire

Now use wire wrapping technique number three to make a negligee necklace. A very simple, yet elegant informal necklace.



Now, you know a little or a lot about working with wire to make jewelry. Try a few of the wire jewelry projects for making wire jewelry with beads...

Station Necklace

Make a station necklace with jewelry chain and freshwater pearls.

Memory Wire Necklace

Making memory wire jewelry is very easy. To start, learn how to make a memory wire necklace. Find out what tool to use to cut the memory wire and two ways to finish the ends of a necklace or bracelet made of memory wire.

Friendship Necklace

Make and give a friendship necklace to celebrate National Friendship Month and/or National Friendship Day. Use simple wire loops to make a wire Y necklace of sterling silver chain, head pins and lapis.

More Beginner and Intermediate Wire Jewelry Projects

When you're ready for more wire projects, try these wire and bead jewelry projects by Marlize Kasselman.


Resources for Making Wire Jewelry

There is a lot to learn about making wire jewelry. More than any one website (even this one) or book could ever cover.

However, you're in luck. I'm recommending a few resources for you to check out. You'll learn even more Header techniques!

Wire Jewelry Magazine

Step by Step Wire Jewelry is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to making wire jewelry. Read my review of this wire jewelry magazine before you subscribe.

You can find it and other jewelry making and beading magazines at a newsstand or your favorite bookstore.

Making Wire Jewelry

Making wire jewelry...Isn't it fun! There are so many options and so much jewelry to make. Where do we find the time?

Have fun and get creative on your beading for beginners exploration into making beaded jewelry with wire and beads!


Top of Making Wire Jewelry page

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