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Chainmail Rosette Tutorial

Mobius Chainmaille Tutorial: View step by step photos as you follow detailed jewelry making instructions to make chainmail rosette links and turn them into earrings!

I received the following message from a visitor named Gail from Arizona
asking about instructions for a rosette:

"There is a chain maille pattern called Rosette. It is very pretty. I have been looking for instructions with pictures - cannot find.  Your instructions for the Byzantine pattern are perfect. Thanks."

In the jewelry making world a Mobius (which can be thought of as an object
without a discernable beginning or end) is also called a rosette.

Thanks for your inquiry Gail. I have been intending to post a page on
the Mobius chain mail weave but somehow it got pushed to the back
burner and never came off!

Here are your instructions with pictures for each step.

Mobius RosetteMobius Rosette

Jewelry Making Supplies and Tools

  • 10 - 10mm unsoldered jumprings
  • 2 - 6mm unsoldered jumprings
  • 2 - 4mm unsoldered jumprings
  • 2 earwires
  • 2 pair chain nose pliers

It may be helpful to read through the instructions before beginning to make your jewelry.

Mobius Chain Mail Tutorial

Mobius Chainmaille Tutorial Step 1

Step 1

Using a pair of chain nose pliers, open all your size 10mm jump rings, except one.

We’re using five 10mm jump rings to make each Mobius, or rosette.

Mobius Rosette Chainmaille Tutorial Step 2

Step 2

Using a pair of chain nose pliers (or your fingers), slide one of the open jump rings into and through open area of the closed jump ring.

Mobius Chainmaille Tutorial Step 3

Step 3

Using a pair of chain nose pliers, close the jump ring.

Mobius Chainmaille Tutorial Step 4

Step 4

Slide the jump rings close together.

Notice how they intertwine and overlap one another.

Mobius Chainmaille Tutorial Continued

Mobius Chainmaille Tutorial Step 5

Step 5

Using a pair of chain nose pliers, slide an open jump ring into and through open area of the closed jump rings (a repeat of Step 2).

When adding a jump ring, allow the just added jump ring to fall in the same direction as the first one did in Step 3. Don't let it flip downward. You want them all to flow in the same direction to create fluid looking rosette.

Mobius Chainmaille Tutorial Step 6

Step 6

Close the jump ring.

Slide the jump rings close together.

(This is a repeat of Steps 3 and 4.)

Mobius Chainmaille Tutorial Step 7

Step 7

Repeat Step 2.

Mobius Chainmaille Tutorial Step 8

Step 8

Repeat Steps 3 and 4.

Mobius Chainmaille Tutorial Continued

Mobius Chainmaille Tutorial Step 9

Step 9

Repeat Step 2 once more.

Mobius Chainmaille Tutorial Step 10

Step 10

Repeat Steps 3 and 4.

Now you have a five ring Mobius or rosette chain mail link.

Make Rosette Chainmail Link Earrings

Step 11

Connect one link to another rosette link or other jewelry component to make jewelry.

We’ll make a pair of earrings.

If you didn’t already, open the 6mm jump ring (or one that has a large enough inside diameter to fit all of the rings of the rosette into it) and slide it into the open area of the rosette.

Mobius Chainmaille Tutorial Step 12

Step 12

Close the 6mm jump ring.

If you didn’t already, open the 4mm jump ring (you could use one the same size as the jump ring used in Step 10) and slide it into the closed 6mm jump ring.

Slide the loop of the earwire onto the open jump ring.

Mobius Rosette EarringsMobius Rosette Earrings

Step 13

Close the 4mm jump ring and you have an earring.

Repeat Steps 1 -12 to make the second earring.

Ways to Use a Mobius Chainmail Link

Mobius Rosette Chainmaille Link
  • You can add jump rings until you almost close up the hole on the Mobius by repeating Steps 1 through 4. Just leave enough room to fit a jump ring, beading wire or other stringing material through the hole.

Remember, if you use a jump ring as a connector, it must be large enough to encompass all of the rings of the rosette.

  • Almost any size jump ring can be used to make a Mobius. Try making several using smaller jump rings and connect them with other jump rings to make a bracelet.

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Thanks to Gail for asking a question on how to make a rosette.

To all of my visitors:

I hope that you will try this easy, 10 minute (or thereabouts) Mobius Chainmaille Tutorial. It's instant gratification!

Do you have questions on making jewelry? Why not ask and get answers - see the link below!

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I really find that (of) all the beading sites on the web, yours is the best!

You show simple, straight to the point photos that are EASY to look at. BRAVO!

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