Negligee Necklace,
Jewelry Making Instructions

Make a negligee necklace to wear many ways! Use this beginner wire bead jewelry tutorial to make simply elegant beaded necklace!

Make a negligee necklace to wear many ways! Use this beginner wire bead jewelry tutorial to make simply elegant beaded necklace!

Negligee, or lingerie as they are often called, necklaces are an informal style of necklace.

Informal because they have no fixed closure or clasp.

A negligee, or lingerie necklace, is a pendant type necklace with two dangling components (beads in our case).

The dangling beads or components often are of irregular lengths.

Negligee necklaceNegligee necklace made of chain and gemstone beads

A lingerie necklace is a type of lariat necklace.

I love lariat style necklaces because they look sleek and sexy! And...

  • They are very easy to make
  • Design possibilities are almost endless
  • You can wear them in multiple ways
  • You need only a few jewelry making supplies and tools

Need I say more...

Great Beginner Wire Jewelry Project!

After you've completed the beaded necklace instructions, I'll show you two different ways of wearing your lovely new wire bead jewelry creation.

And, a second beaded necklace design option...

Let's get started shall we...

Beading Tutorial Category: Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Skill Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: If you are new to wire wrapping, review these wire wrapping instructions and practice the techniques first: How to Wrap a Briolette with a Closed Wrapped Wire Loop

Approximate Length: 44" (111.8 cm)

Bead Jewelry Making Supplies

  • 42" (106.7 cm) length of chain with small links (see Note in Step 2)
  • 16" (40.6 cm) length 24 gauge half hard round wire
  • 2 13x7mm side-drilled briolettes*

*Beads used to make this lariat or negligee necklace: dyed red jade teardrop shaped briolettes

Bead Jewelry Making Tools and/or Pliers

  • round nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers
  • wire cutters

If you need it, here's a review of jewelry pliers.

How to Make a Negligee, Lariat Style, Necklace

1. Gather supplies, tools and beads.

2. Decide how long you want your necklace to be.

Cut a length of small link chain to that length.

Beading Note: How did I decide on a 42" (106.7 cm) length? I wrapped a length of chain around my neck as I would wear the necklace. Then, using the wire cutters, I cut the chain at that length. (Remember, chain is sold by the foot. Measure before buying so that you can buy only what you need.)

3. Cut two 8" (20.3 cm) lengths of wire.

Make the first half of a wrapped loop for the two wire wrapped briolette bead units.

Now, attach one wire wrapped briolette bead unit to each end of the chain length.

Negligee Necklace Project

A close up shot of Step 3: First half of a wrapped loop.

Negligee Necklace Project

4. Now close the wire loop by wrapping the long tail wire around the wire stem and down around the top of the bead.

Bend the end of the tail wire and tuck it under the wire wraps.

Negligee Necklace Project
Tail wire neatly tucked under wire wraps.

Negligee Necklace Project
The front of the wire wrapped briolettes.

And you're done! Your wraps don't have to be perfect. I like my wraps a little "messy". This gives the necklace a nice organic feel.

Other ways to wear your negligee...

Beaded Negligee Necklace Designs

Sterling Silver Lariat Necklace with Briolette Ends...

Negligee Necklace Project
Picture of How to Wear a Lariat Necklace

Single Strand Necklace with Briolette Ends Loosely Tied...

Negligee Necklace Project

Wire and Bead Necklace Design Alternative

I've also made a shorter style negligee necklace.

Here, the chain is 21" (53.3 cm). The beads are drilled top to bottom and wire wrapped, with a loop on the bottom of the beads. Just for fun I used one briolette bead and one smooth surface bead.

Negligee Necklace Project

A close up of the wire wrapped beads. Negligee Necklace Project

Can you see a lot of other design possibilities?

Have fun showing off your new creation!...

Just one of many styles of negligee or lingerie necklaces that you'll make.

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