Overhand Knot, 
Jewelry Making Instructions

In jewelry making the overhand knot (aka single knot) is a basic knot. Use it for knotting pearls into a necklace.

Uses for this Beading Knot in Knotting Jewelry

In these cases, tie an overhand, or single, knot to first serve as a functional knot to make knotted jewelry.

Tie a knot between each pearl of a pearl necklace to protect the nacre (pronounced nay-ker).

String a bead then tie a knot along the length of the cord or ribbon, like in a tin cup necklace.

Tie a knot at the end of a necklace made of leather or other cord to keep the beads from falling off the end of the necklace.

Overhand Knot

Instructions for Tying this Basic Beading Knot

1. In one hand, loop the stringing material by crossing one strand of leather, bead cord or string across the other.

Note: Steps 1 and 2 are just like the first step in tying your shoes.

How to tie an overhand knot.

2. With your index finger and thumb of your other hand, reach through the loop, grasp the hanging cord or string and pull it through the loop toward you as shown below.

How to tie an overhand knot.

3. Using your fingers, pull both ends of the cord in opposite directions to close and tighten the loop.

How to tie an overhand knot.

4. The completed knot. Easy enough to tie this simple knot, right?! It looks similar to a pretzel.

How to tie an overhand knot.

Overhand Knot Tying Instructions Continued

1. Let's try it another way (without my fingers in the picture).

Make a loop in the string, ribbon or cord.

How to tie an overhand knot.

2. Pull one end of the cord over the other and pull it through (under) the loop.

How to tie an overhand knot.

3. With both hands, pull the cord in opposite directions to tighten the loop.

How to tie an overhand knot.

You're done!

Here, the knot is tied between each pearl to protect the nacre of each pearl and to secure each pearl if the necklace breaks.

How to tie an overhand knot.

In your jewelry making, I am sure that you will find other uses for this handy beading knot.

Now, use this knot in this two-part How to Knot Pearls Tutorial that will show you how to tie knots between pearls.

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