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Learn how to sell jewelry at a profit from a home jewelry business whether selling jewelry online, at a home jewelry party or a gem and jewelry show.

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Selling Jewelry at a Profit

My goal is to keep your research time to a minimum. Here, you will find the best resources - e-books, articles and tips - on the many aspects of selling handmade jewelry from a home jewelry business.

Through experience and extensive research, I have discovered eight major things to do to sell your handcrafted jewelry at a profit.

My experience is as a sole proprietor with a home based jewelry business, making and selling jewelry part-time.

I'm not a lawyer or an accountant, and therefore will not offer such advice. At some point though, you may want to consult either professional for help with your jewelry business.

  1. Learn About the Handmade and Jewelry Industries
  2. Legally Setup a Home Based Jewelry Business
  3. Study Who Buys Handcrafted Jewelry and Why
  4. Find Your Handmade Jewelry Niche
  5. Price Your Jewelry to Make a Profit
  6. Decide Where to Sell Your Jewelry
  7. Publicize Your Home Based Jewelry Business
  8. Keep up With Jewelry Trends

1. Learn About the Handmade and Jewelry Industries

The Handmade or Handcrafted Industry

My research of the craft industry in general ( and reveal that people want to buy many types of handcrafted items.

In fact, the entire handmade industry is making a comeback. Several major organizations promote the buying of handmade products.

The Handmade Jewelry Market

The jewelry industry is a very competitive market with lots of sellers.

And, the handcrafted or handmade jewelry market is particularly saturated.

Not only with jewelry artists who sell their own handmade jewelry, but with jewelry stores who sell handmade jewelry too.

Handcrafted Jewelry Market is Easy to Enter

Why? One reason may be that it's an easy market to enter.

Start up costs can be relatively low because you can start a business from home with what few jewelry making supplies you currently have on hand.

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Selling handmade jewelry is easy to do, but takes a lot of time and energy.

Depending upon where you live, pretty much all you need is a business license and/or a resale license.

But, before you start to sell jewelry, setup your home jewelry business legally. Here are some business startup basics on how to start a jewelry business.

Also, for a different perspective, check out these free home based jewelry business resources:

Home Jewelry Business and Design Guide
Hundreds of ideas and tips to inspire you to design and create unique bead jewelry that will give you an edge in the market place. A great resource for inspiration and innovation in marketing and designing handcrafted bead jewelry.

Home Based Business Hub
A Hub of information for Home Based Business owners - for starting and running a successful home business. Building from two points of view - instinctive entrepreneurship and academic business theory. Offering advice and support for those who choose to work from home.
Find out about a Home Based Jewelry Business at

Then, go onto learn about who buys handmade jewelry and why they buy it.

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3. Learn Who Buys Handcrafted Jewelry and Why

So, why do lovers of jewelry buy handcrafted jewelry? And, also just as important is, why would they buy your handmade jewelry?

Knowing the answers to these questions when making and selling handmade jewelry will not only help you to sell more of it, but will help you to sell your jewelry at a price your customers are willing to pay and makes you a profit as well.

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4. Find Your Handmade Jewelry Niche

To succeed at selling handcrafted or handmade jewelry, especially at selling beaded jewelry, learn how to sell jewelry by finding a niche.

5. Pricing Jewelry for Profit

Want to make a profit? Know how to price your jewelry. Pricing handmade jewelry is part art, part science. Here, learn the keys to pricing jewelry for profit.

6. Where to Sell Your Handmade Jewelry

Now that you know how to sell jewelry, find out where to sell jewelry.

Explore some options for selling jewelry offline, including at work, at home jewelry parties and gem and jewelry shows.

Next, explore your options to sell jewelry online at online selling sites, social networks and your own website.

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7. Publicize Your Home Based Jewelry Business

Making jewelry is not the only thing you will need to do in your home jewelry business. To sell jewelry successfully, you will need to publicize your home based jewelry business.

To sell more jewelry, keep an eye on jewelry trends. You do not have to follow every trend, but incorporate elements of some trends into your jewelry.

Lisa Jesse, a registered gemologist who reports on jewelry trends, noted in her Lisa Jesse's Jewelry Trends 2010 Report that handmade jewelry is "the fastest growing sector of jewelry" (and I believe it still is today).

Beaded jewelry is now being sold by some of the biggest designer names in the jewelry industry. And, being carried by some of the largest retailers.

As always, if you have a question about selling your jewelry you can ask it here:

Remember, help and be helped!

I wish you much success with making and selling jewelry.

And, I look forward to interacting with you along your journey to learning how to sell jewelry at a profit.


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