Shell Flower Beads Jewelry Set Design Idea

by Jennifer Hale
(Burlington Washington)

To make this jewelry set (shell flower beads jewelry set design idea) you need,

2 Clasps, what ever kind you prefer, I used a toggle clasp.

Beading wire, for the necklace and bracelet, the bracelet needs two pieces.

Memory wire for the earrings

4 Crimp tubes

Super glue or craft glue to make the flowers

4 head pins to hold the flower together and to hang on pieces

1 pair ear wires

Seed beads in whatever color you desire. I used black.

Small shell disks, in whatever color you desire. I used red.

Jewelry Making Instructions:

Step 1 Your first step is to make the flowers. By lining up the holes and gluing the shells together you can create a beautiful Shell Flower.

When the shells are glued together, you can put the head pin through the shells and carefully create a loop on the back which will be threaded on to the wire.

A drop of super glue, or craters glue, at the back will keep the flower from spinning on the head pin.

Step 2 attach your beading wire, with a crimp tube, to the toggle on one side and string beads.

You decide where you want the shell disks to start. I didn't place them all the way around the necklace because they seemed to tangle in my hair.

Depending on how many shell pieces you want to use will determine how many seed beads you place between the shells, I used four seed beads between the shells.

Place your shell flower in the middle of the necklace. When you have the desired length, attach the toggle with another crimp tube.

Step 3 To make the bracelet, cut two pieces of wire about 2 inches longer than needed, attach the ends to one side of the clasp with a crimp tube.

Thread seed beads half way and thread your next shell flower on both pieces of wire, finish threading seed beads and attach the other side of the toggle with a crimp tube.

Your bracelet should resemble a figure eight shape.

Step 4 To make the earrings, depending on how long you want the earrings to hang, cut a length of memory wire and bend it in the middle to make an oval shape, or you can leave it circular.

Thread Shell flower onto the wire and create loops on both ends of the wire and attach the ear wires.


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1st Place Winner March 2011 Jewelry Making Contest
by: Wanda

Congratulations Jennifer! You're the grand prize first place winner of's March 2011 Jewelry Making Contest.

Your shell flower beads jewelry set design idea won!

It was selected as the winner for its creative use of individual shell beads glued together to make flower shell beads. Excellent idea!

Also, your color scheme of red and black beads a spectator style color scheme that never goes out of style.

Making the set was the clincher! Another creative, and unexpected, use of memory wire.

Congratulations and keep designing and making beaded jewelry!


Thank you!!
by: Jennifer

Thank you!

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Maryfrances Botkin
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This site has been so helpful and inspirational to a beginner beader like me.

I have learned so much and appreciate knowing how to make my pieces look really professional.

You have done well!


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