Sizing Bracelets

Bracelet Sizing Tool

Bracelet Sizing Tool

Sizing bracelets can be tricky. You can use a tape measure, but a bracelet sizing tool may give you a better fit.

Kerry, a visitor to, is making bracelets with elastic cord and says, I have "just recently started making stretch bracelets, but I'm not sure about the size. I believe that most bracelets are 7 1/2 inches to 8 inches, but I can't seem to get the length right. All of my bracelets are different sizes. Everyone has different size wrists so what length do you recommend?"

This is a great question Kerry. Finding the correct bracelet size can be tricky because of the size of the beads you use. Why? Bigger beads take up more room, smaller beads less room.

Now, you don't say whether or not you're selling your bracelets, but let's assume for a moment that you are.

The most common bracelet size sold in stores are made to fit a 7 inch wrist. That's why most of us have to have the bracelet sized or we may use an extender.

If you are selling the stretch bracelets that you make I would make them to fit a 7 inch wrist. Keep in mind that they will stretch over the wrist and so should fit a range of wrist sizes up to about 8 inches. Also, the stretch cord may loose its elasticity over time, allowing the bracelet to fit a little more loose.

How to Find Your Wrist Size

Here are two ways to find your bracelet size:

Method 1: Use a tape measure to measure your wrist where you normally wear your bracelet. If this is just below the wrist bone, measure there. If it is just above (closer to your hand) your wrist
bone, measure there.

Take note of the measurement where the tape measure begins to overlap. This is your wrist size.

Method 2: Use a plain strip of paper as the tape measure used in Method 1. Now, measure the strip of paper with a ruler.

Take note of the measurement, which is your wrist size.

Sizing Bracelets

If we made bracelets using only flat beads that didn't have much width, then adding enough beads onto your stringing material to fit within one inch of the space as measured alongside a ruler would work. Add a clasp that measures about three quarters of an inch or one inch and you've got a 7 inch bracelet.

Well, we beaders like to use all kinds of beads made in lots of different sizes as well as many different types of stringing material.

Luckily for us there is a bracelet sizing tool (see photo).

Simply string enough beads to measure within a length equal to the length of your clasp from your desired finished length. For example, if your desired finished length is 7 inches and your clasp is a half inch in length, string 6 and one half inches of beads. (This works for necklaces too.)

String your beads, temporarily attach your clasp and wrap your bracelet around the bracelet sizing tool. See what measurement it falls around and add or remove beads and reuse the tool until you get the size that you desire.

That's it! Using the bracelet sizing tool should give you a more perfect fit for your bracelets and anklets or bracelets for toddlers. It can be found at most local bead shops or online bead stores. Guess what? There is one made for sizing necklaces too!

Happy beading!


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