Stretch Bracelet Keeper

by Kriss
(Princeton, IN, USA)

Mini Stretch Bracelet Keeper

Mini Stretch Bracelet Keeper

Mini Stretch Bracelet Keeper
Step 1 Mini Stretch Bracelet Keeper
Step 2 Mini Stretch Bracelet Keeper
Step 3 Mini Stretch Bracelet Keeper

A mini stretch bracelet keeper is the perfect answer for connecting multiple seed bead bracelets. Learn how to bead one today!

Kriss asked the following question:

My Booster group has made seed bracelets for a fund raiser. We decided to combine three bracelets and attach a charm. The charms already have a jump ring but we are hoping to "fancy" it up a bit (while still keeping costs down).

What kind of piece would work? One of the gals had seen this done using a piece of ribbon and while that would keep costs down, the ribbon would eventually fray or come loose and we don't want that.

Your thoughts and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Make a Mini Stretch Bracelet Keeper
by: Wanda

Hi Kriss,

What a great idea for a fundraiser - making beaded bracelets! I hope you all raise a ton of money.

I have two ideas.

Idea Number One: Make a mini stretch bracelet to act as a keeper (see Photo 1).

Jewelry Making Supplies
Gossamer floss
Seed bead (size 6/0 or bigger)
Jump ring
Big eye needle
Bead stopper
Chain nose pliers, two pair
GS Hypo Cement

Jewelry Making Instructions

Step 1
Cut about six inches of gossamer floss.
Thread one end through a big eye needle.
Put a bead stopper on the other end.
(See Photo 2)

Step 2
String enough seed beads (size 6/0) to fit around all the bracelets when held together. (see Photo 3)

Step 3
Tie a surgeon's knot in the floss (see Photo 4).
(How to Knot Stretch Cord)

Step 4
Dab a little glue (Gs Hypo Cement) on the knot.
Clip the excess floss close to the knot.
Hide the knot under the seed bead.

Step 5
Attach a charm with a jump ring (see Photo 1).

Idea Number Two: Make a detachable mini bracelet keeper similar to a jewelry extender.

These steps are not pictured, but they are similar to those used to make a jewelry extender.

Step 1
Cut a length of chain long enough to go around all of the bracelets when they are held together.

Step 2
Attach a jump ring or split ring to one end of the chain.

Step 3
Attach a lobster claw clasp to a jump ring and attach this jump ring the other end of the chain.

All the best with the fundraiser!


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