Stringing Materials List
for Jewelry Making

Stringing materials include beading wire, beading chain, jewelry wire and more. Learn about materials used to bead, knot, string and wrap beads into beaded jewelry!

Materials for Stringing Beaded Jewelry

Stringing cords, flexible beading wire and wire are just a few of the materials used to string beads, or to make bead jewelry.

Bead stringing projects are great for beginner jewelry makers.

We need only a few jewelry making supplies: stringing material, beads, a few jewelry findings and beading tools. And the cost to get started is relatively small.

You can find these bead stringing materials, and many more, in the stringing supplies section of online bead stores.

Also check out the jewelry making section of local arts and crafts stores or jewelry supply stores.

Bead Stringing Materials Guide

Bead Cord

  • Beading cord is thicker than thread.
  • Use it in knotting pearls, macrame and crochet projects.
  • The "No." listed on the top of the package indicates the thread size.
  • The higher the "No." the thicker the cord. No. 6 cord is thicker than No. 4 thread.
  • Available in natural silk and synthetic nylon.

Find out how to use bead cord in this two-part How to Knot Pearls Tutorial that will show you how to knot between pearls.

Illusion Cord<

Illusion Cord

  • Synthetic material used in making illusion-style necklaces.
  • Very thin and light weight (almost invisible).

Leather or Suede Cord

Leather and Suede Cord

Leather and Suede Cord

  • Available in natural and a wide variety colors.
  • Use with crimp ends.
  • Try a beading for beginners project. Learn how to use crimp ends to make a simple suede necklace!

Types of Chain for Jewelry Making

Beading Chain

Beading Chain

Beading Chain

  • Beading chain is sold by the foot.
  • Available in small diameters: .5mm or .8mm
  • Beading chain ends are unfinished. To finish the ends, use end caps with an inside diameter that is only slightly larger than the chain's diameter.
  • Available in mostly sterling silver and gold fill.
  • String lightweight beads.

Jewelry Chain

Jewelry Chain

  • Jewelry chain is sold by the foot.
  • The ends of jewelry chain are unfinished.
  • Available in a variety of metals and plated finishes: sterling silver, gold fill, brass, copper, vermeil.
  • Try making this negligee necklace.

More Stringing Materials

Types of Jewelry Making Wire

Beading Wire

Beading Wire

  • Use with crimp beads to attach jewelry clasps to make beaded necklaces and bracelets.
  • Very strong, thin stainless steel wire strands twisted together.
  • Beading wire is available as 7-Strand, 19-Strand, 21-Strand and 49-Strand wire.
  • More strands equate to a more flexibility. 49-Strand wire being the most flexible.
  • Available in a range of diameters or widths: .007. .010, .012, .014, .015, .019 and .024.
  • Great as all-around widths, .014 and .015 are used in a wide range of stringing projects.
  • Use smaller diameters for small, lightweight beads such as pearls and crystals.
  • Use larger diameters for larger, heavier beads such as gemstones.
  • Use a 3mm size crimp bead with .024 diameter beading wire.
  • Available in clear stainless steel, plated with 24Kt Gold or sterling silver, and a host of metallic shades and colors.
  • Learn how to string beads using beading wire.

Jewelry Wire


  • Jewelry wire is widely available in sterling silver, gold or gold fill, copper and brass.
  • It's usually sold in coils.
  • Wire for jewelry making is measured in gauges primarily in America. The rest of the world measures it in millimeters, its metric measurement.
  • Common gauges for making wire jewelry are 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 and 28.
  • The lower the gauge, the thicker the wire. So, 18 gauge wire is thicker than 20 gauge wire.
  • To get your feet wet with wire, try making these chocolate pearl earrings made with 20 gauge wire.

Memory Wire

Memory Wire

  • Memory wire is made of stainless steel.
  • Available in silver (stainless steel) and gold colors.
  • Finish ends with memory wire end caps or a wire loop.
  • Use only memory wire cutters to cut memory wire.
  • Sold coiled in necklace, bracelet and ring sizes.
  • Try making this memory wire necklace.

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