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Stringing pearls. . .Get five jewelry making tips for beading pearls into jewelry. Learn how to make jewelry!

Pearl Jewelry Making Tips

Use these jewelry making tips to string pearls into jewelry beautifully and efficiently.

If you are unfamiliar with stringing beads into jewelry, use this tutorial to learn how to string beads.

1. Test Beading Wire Fit Within the Pearl's Hole

To string small (6mm or less) sized pearls, test the size of the beading wire that you plan to use.

Ensure that it will fit through the hole in several of the pearls on the strand before you string the pearls.

Tips for Stringing Pearls: Test Beading Wire Fit Within the Pearl's Hole.
4mm Pearls Tested on .014 Diameter Beading Wire

2. Use .010 Beading Wire with 1mm Crimp Beads

Usually, .010, .012 or .014 diameter beading wire are great choices. The finest or smallest diameter of beading wire is .010.

Remember, the smaller the pearl, the smaller its hole will be.

If you use .010 diameter beading wire be sure to use 1mm or Size 1 crimp tube beads. You'll need to use micro crimping pliers to crimp these very small crimp beads.

Tips for Stringing Pearls:
Picture of micro crimper, 1mm size crimp bead and .010 beading wire.
Picture of micro crimper,
1mm size crimp beads and .010 beading wire.

Use regular crimping pliers and Size 2 or 2mm crimp beads with .012 or .014 diameter beading wire.

3. String Larger Hole Beads on the End of Strands

The hole drilled through pearls is small. To allow the beading wire to be crimped, string a few larger hole beads, like 'E' size seed beads, onto the end of your strands to pass the beading wire back through.

Torsade Necklace

More Tips for Stringing Pearls

4. Do This to String Pearls More Quickly

To decrease your stringing time, string small sized pearls onto beading wire before removing them from their temporary string.

With the pearls still on their temporary string, hold three or four pearls between your index finger and thumb. With the beading wire acting as a thread, guide it through the hole of each pearl.

Torsade Necklace

Gently pull the temporary thread through the pearls in the opposite direction, leaving the pearls on the beading wire.

Tips for Stringing Pearls: Torsade Necklace

This makes stringing pearls on wire more efficient and less time consuming.

5. Simulate Knots with Bead Bumpers or Seed Beads

When you don't have time to hand knot pearls, use these quick and easy alternatives: Bead bumpers or seed beads.

Bead bumpers are small (1.5mm) rubberized beads. String them onto the beading wire between beads for faux knots. Beadalon® makes bead bumpers.

Tips for Stringing Pearls: Picture of pearls strung with bead bumpers by Beadalon®.
Picture of Pearls Strung with Bead Bumpers by Beadalon®

Use size 15/0 or 11/0 seed beads to simulate the look of hand knotting.

Tips for Stringing Pearls: Picture of pearls strung with seed beads.
Picture of Pearls Strung with Seed Beads
Left Size 11/0, on Right Size 15/0

You decide which knot alternative works best for you when stringing pearls with wire.

To String Pearls With Wire or Knot With Bead Cord?

For comparison, here's what hand knotting between pearls with bead cord looks like.

Tips for Stringing Pearls: Picture of pearls knotted with bead cord.
Picture of Pearls Knotted with Bead Cord

To learn how to knot between pearls with bead cord, see this How to Knot Pearls Tutorial.

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