Strong Stretch Bracelets

by Robin
(Florida, USA)

I am making stretch bracelets with large heavy beads, so I want to make strong stretch bracelets.

I used colored cotton elastic string. Big mistake!

I do not want to use stretch magic because I want the color of the stretch cord to show through.

What about using colored rubber? Is there a type of colored rubber cord thin and strong enough?



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Cord for Making Stretch Bracelets
by: Wanda


Here are a few suggestions for stretch cord to use in making your stretch bracelets:

This product is a no fray, elastic bead stringing cord. It comes in several colors and sizes. The cord sizes range from .5mm - 2.00mm in diameter.

Synthetic Rubber Cord
This cord also comes in several colors and sizes ranging from 1mm - 4mm in diameter. It seems that it would be heavy enough and the hole in your beads should fit onto at least one of the sizes.

Champion® Slick Cord
This cord is described as a black polyester reinforced vinyl. It comes in black only (that I could find) and .75mm and 1mm sizes. It was tested at 15-20 lbs. tensile strength. That's pretty strong!

Floss Elastic Stretch Cord
You may also want to try an alternative stretch cord called floss, but double it. It is a flat material that knots easier that round stretch cord. It comes in several colors.

I found all of these at Firemountain Gems and Beads. Look under Stringing Material, Thread and Cord.

Check out other online bead stores too for other stringing materials that may be suitable.

I believe that one of these should work for you. Let us know which one works for you by leaving a comment below!

Here are some tips on How to Knot Stretch Cord should you need them.


Stretch Cords are Too Thick for Many Beads
by: Anonymous

I am making rings with ladder stitched bugle or tila beads on the underside of the finger.

Both these types of beads have holes about .8mm diameter.

Stretch cord would take a lot of strain off the thread when repeatedly putting on and taking off the rings.

The problem with all these suggestions is that the cord is too thick to go through bugle or tila beads twice.

The cord needs to be no more than .4 mm, preferably less. None of the stretch cords mentioned is this thin. :-(

Any other suggestions?

Stretch Cord Alternative for Seed Beads
by: Wanda

Stretch cord indeed maybe too thick for seed beads less than size 6/0.

For seed beads size 8/0 and smaller use Fireline®, Nymo or other thread.

Of course these threads do not provide stretch or give to the finished jewelry, but you will have a piece of strong and lasting jewelry.


Using Stretch Cord in Beading
by: Beady Diva

Try making beading units using Fireline and connecting the units with colored stretch or power cord. I'm thinking R.A.W. brand stretch cord or something with a gap through which to pass the stretch cord. The units will take some of the wear off the elastic when repeatedly stretched.

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