Wire Art Jewelry

by Tamara Zecevic
(Belgrade, Serbia )

Wire Art Jewelry - Icy Dust - Fairy Dust Collection

Wire Art Jewelry - Icy Dust - Fairy Dust Collection

Wire Art Jewelry - Icy Dust - Fairy Dust Collection
Wire Art Jewelry - Wings - Fairy Dust Collection
Wire Art Jewelry - Summer - Mode Collection
Wire Art - Lost - Art Miniature Shoe

Wire art jewelry is fun to create. Some is even wearable as wire jewelry designs like these three very creative wire jewelry designs. See a surprise and very artistic miniature wire art shoe too!

Wire Jewelry as Art

The wire necklace in photo one is a part of my third collection, Fairy Dust, which was inspired by fairy tales. My theme was forgotten times, lost innocence and simple dreams.

Photos two, three and four show more of what can be done with wire and imagination!

Jewelry Making Materials

Made of white and yellow wire, white glass beads and metal parts this wire necklace took me 20 hours to make. It took a lot of patience and little bit of magic to imagine it.

Jewelry Making Inspiration

The necklace design is meant to symbolize purity, simplicity while contributing to the magic of woman's neck.

My Life as a Jewelry Artist and Designer

It was just last year (2010) that I became a jewelry artist and designer and this is dream come true for me.

Life circumstances made me finish business school, but my first and long-term love is art. For many years I was searching in many forms of art - painting, ceramics, writing, piano - to find myself.

The turning point for me was when I got some materials for jewelry making and started to make designs straight out of my head.

Something that started as a relaxing time turned into a full time job. My designs were recognized by professionals as well as buyers and jewelry lovers.

Wire Art Jewelry Collection

This is my third collection that's on sale and soon I will start fourth one in cooperation with one young fashion designer.

Besides jewelry I make miniature sculptures (Photo 4) out of wire and my second group exhibition is in September 2011.

All this that you are reading happened to me in a less than a year and my life story is living proof that fairy tales can really happen!

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Making Wire Art Jewelry
by: Wanda


Your wire jewelry designs are gorgeous! They have a very organic feel. And, what a very inspiring story - such success at making and selling jewelry - all within a years time.

I wish you much continued success in making wire jewelry into art.


Wire Art Jewelry
by: Tamara Zecevic

Dear Wanda,

Thanks for your kind words and support. It is an honor for me that my work is listed as inspirational on your site.

I hope that my life story will give others the courage to start making their own piece of magic.

I wish you many new readers and inspiring new designs from them!

Tamara Zecevic

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I really find that (of) all the beading sites on the web, yours is the best!

You show simple, straight to the point photos that are EASY to look at. BRAVO!

I have bookmarked your site onto my Firefox toolbar and will stop in a LOT! Thanks again!
Maryfrances Botkin
Columbia, MD

This site has been so helpful and inspirational to a beginner beader like me.

I have learned so much and appreciate knowing how to make my pieces look really professional.

You have done well!


Thank you for an awesome website, it has been very useful and informative!

I have just started my hobby in jewelry making and whenever I come across a hurdle, your website shows me how to get over it.

Thank you again.

Merishka B.
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