Wire Gauge Chart,
Jewelry Making Tool

Use this wire gauge chart to convert wire gauges to millimeter size equivalents. This wire gauge table of common gauge sizes makes wire jewelry making easier.

What is wire gauge?

Gauge measures the diameter of wire.

When working with jewelry making wire it's a good idea to know commonly used and available jewelry wire gauges.

It's also good to know or be familiar with the millimeter equivalent of wire gauge.

In the United States the standard is to refer to wire in its gauge size. However, the rest of the world refers to wire diameter in millimeters.

With wire gauge, the smaller the gauge number, the greater the diameter.

Jewelry Wire Gauge Table

Wire Gauge

Millimeter Size

























American Wire Gage

Here's a picture of an actual American Wire Gage tool. One side of the gage tool has American gage measurements for measuring wire.

American Wire Gage in Use

The flip side of an American Wire Gage tool has millimeter measurements for measuring wire.

American Wire Gage in Use

To use the gage, simply slide your wire, from outside the gage, into a slot. When your wire fits snugly in a slit (in this picture, 22 gauge), but doesn't go into the round hole, you've found the gauge of the wire.

If you're unsure of the fit, slide it into the next smallest slot (in this picture, 23 gauge), if the wire will not fit into the slit, you know that the wire is the larger size gauge (in this picture, 22 gauge).

American Wire Gage in Use

A wire gauge chart gives you American gage and millimeter size equivalents for wire. But an American Wire Gage tool comes in handy when you've lost the tag, baggie or note that came with the wire when you bought it that told you the wire size.

It's a useful wire jewelry tool, but not a necessity when you first begin making wire jewelry.

To discover the types of wire jewelry you can make with what gauge of wire, take a look at sterling silver jewelry wire.

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