Wire Jewelry Instructions,
Jewelry Making Instructions

Wire jewelry instructions show how to make jewelry connectors using wire jewelry making techniques to make a wire spiral and more!

Easy Wire Jewelry Techniques

To make the lanyard ID holder, before you start this jewelry lesson, complete Part 1 of this wire jewelry tutorial: Coiling Wire.

If you simply want to learn how to make wire spirals, you'll need a few inches (or centimeters) jewelry making wire.

Wire Jewelry Tutorial Part 2
How to Make a Lanyard ID Holder Jewelry Connector

It's easy to make a lanyard ID holder jewelry component with jewelry making wire.

Picture of handcrafted  wire jewelry component with spirals

Making Wire Spirals
A Basic Wire Working Skill

We will take a length of coiled wire and make a wire spiral on each end, making a jewelry component.

You can then connect it to any jewelry you decide to make.

In our case we will attach this jewelry component to a beaded lanyard. The link to the lanyard making instructions are provided at the end of this wire jewelry tutorial.

Making a wire spiral is one wire jewelry making skill known as wire working, which is the essence of wire jewelry making.

Wire Jewelry Making Supplies

  • coiled wire length from Part 1 of the wire jewelry tutorial
    (or a length of jewelry making wire to practice these jewelry making techniques)
  • large size marker to use as a mandrel

Wire Jewelry Tools and/or Pliers

  • round nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers or flat nose pliers

If you need it, here's a review of jewelry pliers used in wire and bead jewelry projects.

Wire Jewelry Instructions Continued...

Note: For these jewelry making instructions...

Work with the pliers in your dominant hand. Hold the wire in your non-dominant hand.

Basic Wirework: How to Make a Wire Spirals

1. Using the round nose pliers, grasp one end of the coiled wire with the tip of the round nose pliers, ensuring that the wire is flush with the jaws of the pliers.

Rotate the pliers towards you to begin making a wire loop.

Step 1 of How to Make a Lanyard ID Holder Jewelry Connector

2. Continue to rotate the pliers towards you until you make a wire loop that looks similar to the letter 'P'.

Step 2 of How to Make a Lanyard ID Holder Jewelry Connector

3. Using flat nose or chain nose pliers, grasp the head of the 'P' with a firm grip on the pliers. (Here, I'm using flat nose pliers.)

With both hands working in concert, twist downward.

Your hand holding the wire, will push down on the wire to guide it between the jaws of the pliers to roll the wire upon itself to make a spiral. Each downward push on the wire should be about a quarter turn.

Your hand holding the pliers will provide leverage to turn the wire into a spiral.

Step 3 of How to Make a Lanyard ID Holder Jewelry Connector

Wire Jewelry Instructions Continued

4. Continue this process until the spiral reaches just over the first of the wire coils.

Repeat Steps 1 - 3 on the second end of the coiled wire length.

Step 4 of How to Make a Lanyard ID Holder Jewelry Connector

Wire Jewelry Technique Learned: How to Make a Wire Spiral

5. When you're done making the wire spirals, your coiled wire length should have a spiral on each and look similar to the wire jewelry component pictured below.

Step 5 of How to Make a Lanyard ID Holder Jewelry Connector
Wirework turns simple wire into jewelry components!

Basic Wire Working: How to Make a Jewelry Connector

6. In your dominant hand, hold the marker pen with the non-writing end between your thumb and index finger.

Place the coiled wire length, at its middle, perpendicular to the marker pen, between your thumb and the marker.

Spread apart the index finger and thumb of your non-dominant hand.

Place your index finger at the top end of the coiled length. Place your thumb at the bottom end of the coiled length.

Step 6 of How to Make a Lanyard ID Holder Jewelry Connector

7. Now, push the coiled wire length away from you and back over the marker until the two ends of the coiled wire length meet one another.

Step 7 of How to Make a Lanyard ID Holder Jewelry Connector

Wire Jewelry Instructions Continued...

8. Another view of the two ends of the coiled wire length meeting one another to shape the wire coil like a fat letter 'U'.

You may need to glide the ends past one another and squeeze, bending the coiled wire over the marker to help the component keep it's 'U' shape better.

Step 8 of How to Make a Lanyard ID Holder Jewelry Connector

9. Remove the coiled wire from the marker. Yours should resemble the 'U' shaped jewelry component pictured below.

Step 8 of How to Make a Lanyard ID Holder Jewelry Connector

10. Further shape the 'U' shaped jewelry component and bring the two wire spiral ends together by manipulating the piece using both hands as pictured below.

Step 10 of How to Make a Lanyard ID Holder Jewelry Connector

Wire Working Technique Learned: Shaping a Wire Coil

You're done! You've completed this wire jewelry tutorial on making a wire jewelry connector. Use it as a lanyard ID holder or to clip jewelry pendants onto.

Easy Wire Jewelry Instructions...

Step 11 of How to Make a Lanyard ID Holder Jewelry Connector
Jewelry Component Ready for Use as a Lanyard ID Holder

Now make a beaded lanyard to attach to your jewelry connector, or lanyard ID holder.

Picture of Lanyard ID Holder in Use

Wire spirals can give your wire jewelry a unique look.

Learning how to make a spiral is a good wire working technique to know for making wire jewelry that has artistic flair!


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